Das Tal - 'Fixing' Sandbox MMO's for Busy Adults

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A small development team from Germany has decided to juggle the defining features of an MMORPG, and has even thrown in some PvP arena style elements. The result is a game that offers fast-paced and team oriented combat, in an open-world environment.

Das Tal

But Fairytale Distillery's goal from the outset is not to simply merge two genres. Through playing many MMO games themselves, they have identified common design techniques that they see as taking away a lot of potential from games. Das Tal has been designed with these problems kept at arm's length, and will have a number of unique features as alternatives.

Step 1: Time-Boxing Game Worlds

Probably the most interesting of these features is 'time-boxing', which causes all game worlds to end after a pre-determined amount of time. This immediately removes the need for 'end game' content to keep players interested. Instead Das Tal creates a game world that players log into because they enjoy the activities on offer from day one.​

Step 2: Removing Grind

The next step to creating a more enjoyable day-to-day experience in an MMO is to remove the pointless grind that has become a trademark of the genre. After all, this treadmill of a system is only really there to keep players busy while the next expansion is created. Das Tal instead focusses on dynamic world events, battles for resources and the race to construct a base of operations - activities players can enjoy from the moment they log into the game. There is no need to grind out experience on rats, mine nodes for hours or repeat the same daily quests over and over.

Das Tal

Skill-based Combat System

Das Tal quite openly points to PvP as its primary focus, and obviously wants to make sure the PvP is done well. A modern combat system, where all abilities are free-aimed, and full friendly fire, ensure that the skill of the players is the most important factor when it comes to fighting. Offering a range of PvP activities also means that there are options for all types of players, from those who enjoy smaller 1 vs 1 engagements, up to those who want to tear down the walls of their enemy's settlement.​

Hundreds of Unique Worlds

The time-boxing feature mentioned earlier, combined with the fact that each game world is quite small in size compared to a traditional MMO (200 player online simultaneously), make it possible to have a large number of game worlds running at once. Fairytale Distillery wants to make use of that fact, by semi-randomly generating the geography of each world, and allowing players to vote on the rules that will govern their server. This ultimately creates a totally unique experience in each game world.

Kickstarter Launch

Das Tal has found the perfect opportunity recently in the launch of Kickstarter Germany. The crowdfunding platform has sought out local projects to promote during its expansion, and Fairytale Distillery have been working with Kickstarter representatives over the last couple of months. Das Tal's Kickstarter campaign, which went live today, is one of the very first to launch on the new German site and already picked up a Staff Pick.

The Kickstarter page hosts the most comprehensive breakdown of the game's features and goals to date, so if Das Tal sounds interesting, you can read more there. Backers of the project will also gain access to rewards that will not be available to those purchasing the game at release, such as taunt animations and weapon skins.​

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