Revelation New Highlight: Guild Headquarter Revealed

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Are you expecting Revelation's half-OBT, which will start on 22nd this month? A good MMO always comes with a good social system. In Revelation, guild headquarter is also a highlight that we can expect. Today the development team reveals the guild headquarter to all the gamers. Now let's take a preview of this unique gameplay.

PS: the guild headquarter system is still in development. It may still be changed before the final version comes out.


The development process of the guild headquarter is discovering, reclamation, construction and operation. Whether to build your guild headquarter a prosperous city or a rurbania is all depended on you and your guild fellows.


Rome was not built in a day, so does your guild headquarter. If you don't want to spend too much time in building the guild headquarter, you can also turn to the residents for help. There are various residents in game, and every resident has his own background and identity. There are 4 types of residents, which are strong ones, erudite ones, perceptual ones and deft ones. You can judge their types by talking with them.


When you find your favorite residents, you can sit down and have a talk with them. The best way to earn their trusts is providing them a square meal. After the talking, you can recruit them to help you build your guild headquarter. Moreover, you can also train the residents to improve their work efficiency.


Operating the guild headquarter is also not an easy thing. If you're the guild leader, you must learn how to operate your guild headquarter well. There are plenty of technology tree and bonus in Revelation's guild system. Every guild can decide its own technology path and strategy of upgrading.


Of course, your guild headquarter will look different when it's upgraded. The higher level it becomes, the more bonus the guild members can get from it.


In addition, there are also some other funny gameplays in guild headquarter including running competition, making wine, Hide-and-seek and picking up soap. According to the development team, there will be guild dungeon and wars between guild headquarters. Let's stay tuned.

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