Kael'thas Sunstrider: The Next New Hero to the Nexus!

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By mushroomzDate: May 07 2015 Views:


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Recently, Heroes of the Storm's official twitter has unveiled that Kael'thas Sunstrider is the next new hero in the form of a short flash. This flash mainly shows that Kael'thas is using Pyroblast to beat Arthas. Sadly Heroes of the Storm hasn't given the exact schedule of his release, but we can predict that Kael'thas may arrive in the Nexus on May 20th, which is the date of OBT's launch.



After seeing this flash, some player also jokes that "Poor Arthas why do you always have to harm him? first in the Sylvanas video and now also in Kael'thas". And even some player says "no matter how hard Kael'thas trys, this Pyroblast won't bring back his Jaina's heart from Arthas".


And we're also expecting some special dialogues between Kael'thas and llidan(or some other Warcraft heroes) in Heroes of the Storm. If you have questions about this new hero, you can attend the Developer Q&A event on Reddit on May 12th.

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