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MMOsite is very honored to have this chance to make an interview with the international developer - 3 Claws Games. And today they’ve brought their newest F2P browser game “Light of Darkness” to our MMOsiters, now let’s get started immediately:


1. Hello, we’re really glad and honored to get this chance to have an interview with 3 Claws Games! First of all, would you like to introduce yourself to our MMOsite readers? 

3Claws was founded in April 2014, Our vision is to unite the dispersed internatinal community through online gaming and creating a lifestyle based on interactive entertainment with pure joy and fun. We dedicate ourselves to these thoughts, and in doing so, we hope to bring inspiration into the Internet industry in International. Our mission is to publish localised versions of high-end game titles from all around the world and introduce them to the ever-growing International.

2. Many MMOsite readers start to know 3 Claws Games via your latest free-to-play web based action game Light of Darkness, what are the key features of Light of Darkness, or what kind of features make it different from your competitors? 

Light of Darkness is an amazing web game which use 3D scene and character. We have all feature that you can find in another MMORPG game like, Enhance, Refine, Mount, Beast, Soul, Zodiac and many more, but we have special feature, that you can merge with your Beast. With this feature you can increase your power very rapidly.

3. What major challenges did you encounter while developing Light of Darkness?

Similar with another MMORPG Game, we also find many obstacle when developing this game like bug, glitch and translation bug, we also need more time to test all of feature and function in the game, but didn’t find any big problems so far. 

4. How do you balance the PvP and PvE in Light of Darkness, especially when changes made to one can easily affect the other? Should a game cater to both? Can it?

In the Light of Darkness there is many aspect to help you on the PvP and PvE.In some case on PvE, especially on fight boss, you need to another player to help you to defeat the boss, you can’t fight the boss alone ( except you really have big battle ratting ). It’s same in PvP, if you wanna be the best on the PvP you also need another else to improve your battle ratting, by adding as many friend in your friend list to get more Exp. So basically you can’t play alone, you need friend to play this game and making more fun.

5. We’ve known that Light of Darkness has 3 basic classes, Mage, Berserker, and Assassin, are all classes equally powerful? Should they have the same capability to solo and in groups, or should they all just be fun to play? Will there be any new classes added to this game?

Yes there are equally powerful, there is no big different power for each class. Each class only have a different in the base status like Mage at Magic Power and Hit, Berserker at Defense and HP, Assassin at Attack and Dodge. With the same power, players are required to upgrade his character by using different ways and it is one of the pleasure to play this game. For now we only focus on the three classes only, but there is any possibilities in the future we will add more class

6. There are many interesting game systems in Light of Darkness, such as Mount System and Artifact System, could you please introduce one of them in detail to our readers?

Mount System in Light of Darkness is different with the another game, in Light of Darkness your mount will give you bonus stat to making your character more stronger, so if you keep increasing your Mount level it is same with increasing your character power.

Artifact System in Light of Darkness is similar to passive skill in another game, but in Light of Darkness you can see another passive skill based on they Artifact Level Interface, because every level on Artifact, give you different style of it.


7. Given the propensity of many online gamers to collect items, how are you approaching this aspect of Light of Darkness? Will there be many different types? Do you plan on any usage restrictions?

There is no restriction in this game, but actually there is 2 type item in game, bound and unbound item, player can get both of them from the game, but many of unbound item actually came from our event

8. How do weapons, armors and other items function within Light of Darkness? How are they obtained, and are there rare or unique ones? Do they wear and break? Are many bound to your avatar?

You can find many weapon and armor in Light of Darkness, There is 3 type grade of item, Normal, Rare and Epic Item, there is different color background for each type of item. They can’t be break, but there is chance to downgrade when you enhance the item. In our system, if you have items and that items can be use by your class, it will bound automatically.


9. Is there much in the way of activities aside from fighting? Are there any non-combat skills or abilities? What can players do in the sanctuaries?

Yes, it called meditate, you can meditate anywhere but there is some place that you can gathering Chrono Energy more faster, you can find it in the Time City

10. Finally, what do you think Light of Darkness will bring to the MMO market? Why would an MMO player choose to try out and play Light of Darkness? And thanks for your time!

Light of Darkness is different with another MMORPG game, with 3D scene and character and many feature that you can find in another MMORPG game, bring you new experience for Browser Game. Come play and enjoy all MMORPG feature in Light of Darkness, No Install and Download. Play the game on your Browser and Save The Time and Space.

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