A Look at The Identity System for Moonlight Blade's Non-wipe Test in May

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After previewing the amazing character customization system of Moonlight Blade which is comparable with Black Desert, Today we are going to take a look at the Identity system of this highly-anticipated wuxia themed MMORPG. For each character there are different identities to choose from. When it comes to the identity, you might find it a bit confusing. In fact the Identity System, to a certain extent, can be taken as a secondary or third class that requires the player to dress in a different costume and become a new member in another faction, and without doubt, a different identity will have different skills.


Three Identities to choose

Based on an interview with the dev. team, every character can choose at most three different identities. Reaching the level cap of the different identities is not easy. Each one takes three months to complete. When you get the secondary identity, the leveling up of it will become harder, so comparatively more effort will be needed to get the next identity.


Unique gameplay of each identity is the key point of completing a team quest

To strengthen the specialization and cooperation between players, each class/each identity in the Non-wipe Test of Moonlight Blade has their unique skills which are extremely important playing in a team. For instance, only the Ranger can locate and dig for the treasure. With no ranger on the team, the quest can not be completed. What's more, only Armed Escort has the ability to lead the transport team; hunting and capturing pets are only available to Hunter; assassinating is the exclusive skill of Killer.

Unique skills of each identity are important in guild war, looting, pvp and other battles

In addition, along with the Identity system for individuals, each class will have their own combat ability matching the identity in guild war, looting, pvp and other battles. This feature is also important for the team. I'll give you some examples. Killer can sneak into the enemy's territory and mark the position of top leaders of opponents which helps the teammate to kill the rival leaders faster. Meanwhile, Killer's revenge potential will be inspired once his/her teammate is dead in the fighting, Killer can be given the potential to exact revenge for the teammate. Sounds very interesting, doesn't it? Hunter can summon aggressive beasts to attack opponents, while only the hunter in the adverse party can kill the beasts by shooting or stabbing.




Wuxia themed MMORPG Moonlight Blade announced the next CN beta will begin on May 28th. If any news comes, we'll be sure to let you know. Interested players can find out more features of Moonlight Blade at here.



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