Hello MMO: The MMOs Brought to us in April

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April has brought us a lot of excitement and fun. April fool’s day got us off to a good start and we cannot forget those stupid but creative pranks from those adorable games. The surprisesin April continued at a strong pace: we’ve finally got GTA Online which we thought might never come to pass; we eventually had the chance to play Skyforge in CBT3 which we thought could be quite hard for us; and we also incredibly found out that a Korean game is heading to NA first when we thought it must focus on the Asian market more than ours… We’re so grateful for everything April brought us, and now we’re gonna look back onthe most impressive surprises from MMOs in April.



Tree of Savior: Korea server now welcomes its 2nd Closed Beta Test

We all believe that after Tree of Savior KR 2nd CBT’s launch, we’ll finally see our most anticipated international test. And now that the CBT2 has come as Tree of Savior has promised to us, what’s next?


Fortunately, Tree of Savior never let us down, the translation work is now in the preparatory process, and the Tree of Savior dev team even gave us more detailed information about the upcoming CBT2 -there will be more changes in the brand new CBT, and you can learn more about the new features in CBT2 via our previous review.

Just as the oldsaying goes, if Tree of Savior KR CBT2 comes, canthe global test be far behind? I think the answer is obvious.


Monster Hunter Online: Hardcore fans’ another spring – New CBT: Awakening in China

Monster Hunter has got a lot of die-hard fans, and it’s quite amazing that there are so many enthusiastic fans of Monster Hunter in China, so when it wasreported that Monster Hunter Online has started a new CBT in China, it received excited attention from its loyal fans.


For a regularMMO player, it may not feel easy to get used to Monster Hunter Online. Hunting is the core of this game, and in Awakening, a large amount of monsters will make their first appearance in Monster Hunter Online, so watch out for those new faces, maybe you are the one truly being hunted!

Sadly, China is one of the earlier stops of Monster Hunter Online’s overseas travelling and we don’t know yet whether it will succeed as it did on the PS or 3DS platforms before, we’ve got Monster Hunter 4G already, so will Monster Hunter Online be the next one?

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