Wander Interview: Combat isn't the Only Way

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Ever wonder what sort of secrets are hidden amongst nature? Now is your chance to find out. A new MMO named Wander has just been released recently. It is a CryEngine powered MMO which has a very different gameplay compared to genre standards: for instance, it doesn't have combat in any way. Worlds Factory has recently made an interview with the team behind this game. Read on to find out more about this interesting, exploration based project!


According to the interview, the game is inspired by the experiences of the director, who did a lot of travelling and visited lots of beautiful places. The main gameplay of Wander is simply exploring and discovering things. Players start out the game in one form, and during the gameplay, they will find ways to take on other forms.


As the title says, there is no combat in Wander. Cooperation in Wander is all about working together to find and do cool things, not about competing with others. Of course, the most important thing for cooperation is that you must learn to communicate with others first.

Unlike lots of games, the game world in Wander is not instanced. There is no "hubs" or "zones" in Wander, currently the game world is 64 square kms, and players can just walk/fly/swim in one direction and explore the whole thing.


The game is aiming to release on Steam and PS4 in late April-early May. To learn more about the game, you can read full interview here.

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