Heroes of the Storm: Sylvanas Finally Arrives in the Nexus

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We've already known that the next new hero of Heroes of the Storm is Sylvanas, which is the deadly but beautiful character from Warcraft. And this week Heroes of the Storm finally updates with serveral features including our favorite Sylvanas.


Sylvanas has had a long and impactful history within the Warcraft universe, and in Heroes of the Storm, she takes on the role of a sneaky, evil Specialist Hero who specializes in high DPS and Siege damage, corrupting and cursing towers and minions to shut them down. She is just the Hero you want by your side when you’re trying to lay waste to your enemies in the Nexus!

For an even more in-depth look into this iconic Warcraft Hero and their abilities, make sure to check out Sylvanas’s Hero Page!

Besides, this new patch also includes the new battleground - Tomb of the Spider Queen, here is the detailed introduction of it.

  • Spider Minions and enemy Heroes will drop magical Gems of Power upon death.
  • Collect these Gems and turn them in to the Spider Queen’s Altars, which can be found in-between lanes at the center of the Battleground.
  • Once either team has relinquished enough Gems to the Spider Queen, her Webweavers will descend and travel down each lane to siege the opposing team on three fronts.
  • Each team can summon Webweavers by turning in 50 Gems. The number of required Gems will increase by 5 for each subsequent wave.
  • Be sure to turn in Gems promptly! Gems collected by a player will be dropped upon death, but can be picked up by allied Heroes.

If you're interested in new features of Heroes of the Storm's new patch, you can visit their official site to get a further info.

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