Nvidia Unveiled Titan X and Shield at GDC 2015

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Big trade shows, big product announcements, this year's GDC is a good opportuinity for every company to show its latest high tech, Nividia is of couse no exception. During Nvidia's yesterday night GDC press conference, they brought us a bit of a surprise: "Shield" console, GTX Titan X and so on. We've sort out all the details about Nvidia's event at GDC 2015, hope it can help you learn more about Nvidia's latest products.


GTX Titan X: 12 GB VRAM, 8 billion transistors

After Epic founder Tim Sweeney's State of Unreal talk, Nvidia CEO JenHsun Huang came to the stage and unveiled the Titan X at GDC 2015. He boasted that this new product was "most advanced GPU the world's ever seen". Though Huang didn't give us the specification of this new graphichs card, but he revealed that this world's most powerful GPU had more than 8 billion transistors(a bit of a jump from the 7 billion in last year's Titan Z) and it packed in 12GB of VRAM.If you wanna know more details about Titan X, you can pay attention to its own conference in a few weeks, after all - but at this point it sounds like the GPU we'll all be pining for this year.


"This GDC is about VR ... it needs an amazing GPU. And so the problem that I've got is this: If I launched our next generation GPU two weeks from now, GDC 2015 would be a bust. Now that's a legitimate problem—not just for me, that's a legitimate problem for the world." Huang said with a confident smile.


Epic’s latest jaw-dropping demo, Kite, called upon the power of NVIDIA TITAN X (see “NVIDIA Opens PhysX Code to UE4 Developers“). 

While it may seem strange for Huang to tease the Titan X at another company's event, Tim gave the reason.“‘Thief in the Shadows’ would not exist without NVIDIA’s support and amazing hardware,” Tim said. “Together with Unreal Engine 4 and Oculus Crescent Bay, these three pieces of technology place the viewer inside a virtual world of unparalleled detail and action.” 


Here's the specification that we predicted, for more details about this powerful GPU monster please stay tuned for our latest news.

"Shield" console and its related services



Nvidia also has announced the "Shield" console at this GDC 2015.Shield will feature a "super computer" streaming cloud system called "GRID" that will constantly be updated with the latest games and PC quality gaming in the living room.


Just as smartphones will be how we enjoy phones, smart TVs are how we will enjoy television, Jen-Hsun said. These devices will replace dedicated devices over time, just as an application has replaced your GPS, your music player, your radio and your camera.


“Before you know it, applications will come along that surprise us,” Jen-Hsun said. “This is really a discontinuity in the gaming industry.”

When the Shield launches, there’ll be a curated list of over 50 Android games you can buy through the Google Play Store that’ll support controller-based play. And in the same vein as their earlier exclusive titles like Half-Life 2 and Portal, Nvidia is pushing hard to beef up Android gaming through working with several developers of big franchises to port their games to Google’s operating system.



The GRID game-streaming service SHIELD fans have enjoyed for over a year on both tablet and portable is receiving a major upgrade. As announced by our CEO Jen-Hsun Huang on Tuesday night, GRID ushers in the future of gaming. And you can enjoy it now on your SHIELD tablet.


With GRID, you can experience the awesome performance of a high-end GeForce GTX GPU-powered PC in your hands. You can enjoy our entire library of GRID games on our SHIELD tablet and portable. Coming soon: brand new AAA titles such as Dying Light and Metal Gear Solid V. An update to SHIELD hub (now available) enables the cool new content and features on SHIELD tablet.

The service will continue to be free to anybody who owns a SHIELD device until June 30, 2015.


Nividia’ll now be able to deliver updates to their ultra-realistic painting application, Dabbler, directly through the Google Play store. So you’ll receive the latest features in Dabbler that much faster.


The first update to Dabbler, for anybody who owns a SHIELD tablet, will be coming in just a few weeks.

The new Dabbler will have even better oil and watercolor painting effects. That’s made possible by an all-new GPU-accelerated simulation engine. They’ve also enhanced the user interface to improve the workflow for artists.

You’ll be able to customize the position of various UI elements, easily  access different tools and also scale individual layers of your artwork. Finally, based on community feedback, Nividia now let you watercolor and oil paint on the same canvas.

Sheild users have been creating masterpieces on their SHIELD tablets. And Nividia’ve been showcasing them on their deviantART gallery. Join the gallery and see what others are creating. Or show off what you’ve been doing with SHIELD tablet and Dabbler.

To learn more about Shield you can click here to visit their official site. Stay tuned for more latest news at GDC 2015 on MMOsite.


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