Sci-Fi MMO Ascent Warps into Steam Early Access

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By hatakeDate: Mar 03 2015 Views:


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Recently there are lots of games are live on Steam Early Access, and Ascent is one of them. As a space based MMO, Ascent focuses heavily on building, trading, exploring, mining, and politics with a developing PvE combat system, which has a lot of science driven features ranging from realistic solar systems to manipulating the chemistry of planet atmospheres for habitation. This game is now live on Early Access from Steam.


Humanity has fallen. The once prosperous people commanded the stars to do their bidding now find themselves at the mercy of a ruthless entropy. With just eight systems it will be up to every capable pilot to help end starvation, rebuild factories, and begin restoring humanity to its rightful place as commanders of their destiny.


Ascent is a space based MMO like none other. Not just the size and scope of the Milky Way galaxy, with 270 billion stars and over a trillion planets to explore, but the scientific modeling we use to craft realistic planets, suns, moons, asteroid fields and black holes. Learn about Ascent's formations at Steam.


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