Lost Ark Interview Shares More Details on NPC Relationship and PvP System

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In an exclusive Lost Ark interview between WorldsFactory and Smile Gate,  the dev. team shares many new features of this highly anticipated MMORPG, including NPC relationship system, PvP system, island ownership system, classes, test schedule and a lot more. Lost Ark created a lot of buzz with its first trailer with a blend of hack and slash and MMORPG elements, not to mention the beautiful graphics provided by Unreal Engine 3; Read on to learn more!

When being asked about the size of the regionsThe dev. team states that the world is large enough for players. In it players will be able to actually ‘discover’ mysterious, cinematic dungeons after an arduous journey, and not just by simply entering an entrance directly accessible from the village.


NPC relationship system

Lost Ark is an adventure game filled with hidden things, while many hiden important information could be get from NPCs only. So getting acquainted with NPC will help player accomplish the quests smoothly and enjoy the exploration in Lost Ark.


The game contains a lot of contents regarding PvP, such as a massive battleground called “Sylmael” as well as lethal/non-lethal areas in Lost Ark. What's more, they mentioned the island ownership system in this interview. What players can do is not only owning a small piece of land but doing various things on the island.


18 classes are planned to be offered in Lost Ark , including the healer class. To balancing the skills of every class, the healer class will not be a traditional ‘nothing-but-healing-spells’ type. According to Smile Gate, support classes have magic skills which can deal tremendous damage in certain areas. Although their hunting efficiency is lower than other specialized classes in single play, the support classes are not so weak that they are unplayable in single play.


In addition to the common feature of MMORPG - character customization, Lost Ark will expand the area of customization to other features that can add to the game experience. Finally, Smile Gate unveiled that they will launch Lost Ark in Korean market at first and then consider the western market. Lost Ark KR first CBT schedule is uncovered to start in 2015, while ht exact date is not unveiled yet. See more information about the inteview.


Source: worldsfactory

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