Wrath of Belial Coming to Android and iOS in Western Markets

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As Wrath of Belial has had great success in Korea under its Korean title, Kiyat Games will be working with Redsahara to polish and localize it for Western markets. Wrath of Belial will be ready for launch early Q2, 2015. The game will be released simultaneously on both Android and iOS devices.

Wrath of Belial

Wrath of Belial is built with the Unity engine and features stunning high quality 3D graphics. The stunning visuals in the game only add to the experience as the player finds themselves immersed in the fight.

Wrath of Belial

Wrath of Belial is easy to play and addictive with its dungeon crawler style gameplay and exciting battles. Players must build a team of 4 Heroes and wage war against the creatures under the control of the evil Belial. There are over 200 legendary Heroes and 7 different classes to choose from to form an undefeatable team. Players have hundreds of hours of initial gameplay, with 7 different gameplay modes where players can either play by themselves or alongside friends!

Wrath of Belial

Interested gamers can contact Kiyat Games at contact@kiyatgames.com to follow more information.

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