Revelation New Year Update Brings Cute Sheep Fashion

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It's common to see the game publishers busy in preparing the events for the Chinese New Year recently. We have talked about Echo of Soul and Kritika yesterday, and today let's take a look at Revelation, the latest hot title from NetEase.

On Feb. 12th, Revelation got a most important update since its CBT launched, together with the New Year events released. In this update, there're some content for the high level players added, as well as the long-anticipated New Year fashion.

Become a sheep in one second

It's a tradition to dress in new clothes in the New Year, that's why the game releases new fashion for this festival. With the sheep hat, you can change your character to a lovely sheep in one second!



There's also a sheep mount released in this update, it's a two-person mount, which means you can sit on it together with your sweetie. Besides, the development team also releases the exclusive weapon for each class.


Content for high level players

It has been almost a month since the CBT kicked off, and I believe you must get a high level now. In this update, the quest of level 6 and level 7 exorcism test has been released, as well as the dungeon for level 60 players. What's more, the dungeon for level 65 players will be released after the Spring Festival. Isn't it an exciting news?


Keep the experience for your family

It's time to stay with your family in Spring Festival. The development team don't want you spend too much time in game and ignore your family, that's why they released this "Exp-kept" event. During Feb. 12th to March 5th, all the Perception that hasn't been consumed in the day will be kept automatically to the second day. Even if you didn't take part in the event in the day, there are also 80% Exp stored to the 2nd day. Why not cherish this opportunity and spend more time with your family?


Eat dumpling everyday

Another tradition in Chinese New Year is eating dumplings. During Feb.12th and March 5th, players can get dumpling and rice cake from the NPC "柯浮" every day, which can be exchanged to various exp.

There're also numbers of events like lucky bag and scare the monster away. Come and discover them in game!

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