Heroes of the Storm: Detailed Description of New Player Profile

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By mushroomzDate: Feb 12 2015 Views:


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Heroes of the Storm latest patch - the Lost Vikings, (Olaf, Baleog, and Erik) just fell through a Nexus portal and are now available for play! And the player profile screen has received an overhaul. You can finally have a look at your match history now! Let's see the detailed description of the Player Profile.


The Daily Quests tab has been removed.

The Profile Summary tab has been enabled.

Players can use this tab to view general information about their Heroes of the Storm account, such as: Recent Victory, Most Played Heroes, Total Hero Level, Ranked Play win-rates, games played with each Hero role, and much more!


The Rewards tab has been renamed to Player Progression

This tab can be used to view current Player Level, progress toward the next level, and all Player Level progression rewards.


The Hero Progress tab has been renamed to Hero Collection

Hero Progress has been visually reworked, allowing many more Heroes, their current Hero Levels, and progress toward the next level, to be displayed on each page of the Hero Collection tab.

Additionally, clicking any Hero portrait on the Hero Collection tab will bring up that Hero’s 3D model, as well as detailed information about its current Hero level and reward progress.


The Match History tab has been enabled.

Select this tab to view a list of recently played Heroes of the Storm matches.

The game mode, Hero, and Battleground selected, as well as the game’s result, and a timestamp will be displayed for each match in the list.


A Statistics tab has been added.

Players can use this tab to view additional statistics about their performance in Heroes of the Storm, such as: Heroes they’ve scored the most takedowns or received the most deaths with, total games played, and Battleground win-rates.


A Portrait tab has been added.

Portrait Selection has been moved from its previous location to this tab, making it easier than ever for players to find and choose among the portraits they’ve already earned, or simply browse through the portrait rewards they have yet to unlock.

Hover the mouse over any Portrait to display a tooltip that explains how it can be earned.

Please Note that some of the Player Profile statistics mentioned above will not contain data for games played prior to today’s patch. However, statistics for games played after the patch will be properly tracked.

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