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Via our MMOsite Weekly Morning Call, you may recognize this beautiful coser who is famous for her Lovelive! cosplay work. I was curious to know more about her, just like you guys. Fortunately, I had the chance to talk with her one on one. Here is MMOsite's exclusive interview with the mysterious coser - EriolM. I hope this lets you know a little more about EriolM and why she enjoys cosplay so much.


1. Hello EriolM, I’m very honored and glad to have this chance to interview you. Though our MMOsiters are mostly from the West, that distance won't stop their love for you. They are very fond of your Toujou Nozomi cosplay. Could you briefly introduce yourself to our readers?


Hi~guys~ I'm EriolM and I'm a coser from Shanghai, China. Since Eriol is my favorite character in Card Captor Sakura, I named myself "Eriol". And "M" is the initial of my family name. I'm a graduate student now, and I majored in animation as an undergraduate. So that's why I love ACG so much. But compared to most cosers, my introduction to cosplay was a bit late (I was a sophomore). As long as I have some free time, I will try my best to finish my most wanted cosplay works. I'm so happy that my cosplay works have been widely appreciated by you guys. And in my spare time, I often play games, draw some pictures, and travel around the world. I'm also an enthusiast of Ragnarok Online!


2. MMOsite readers basically know you via your Lovelive! cosplay works. What style of cosplay are you good at? And what cosplay work is your favorite so far? Why?

At first I just cosplayed for fun and wanted to cos male, because I'm quite boyish. However, when I started reading Lovelive! I was drawn into its roles, so I decided to make my own Lovelive! cosplay works.


I like the cosplay works that have interesting plots and lots of interaction, but I'm not sure what style of cosplay I'm good at now, it needs to be tested.


My favorite works...hmmm...always the next one? lol, just kidding, I love my Minami Kotori wedding dress cosplay and Koizumi Hanayou cosplay most. PS. I wanna thank the photographer and assistants of these cosplay works for their hard work.


3. What is the biggest challenge for you with your cosplay? How do you overcome it?

I think the most difficult part is weighing and considering the expression of the role. Cosplay is actually all about acting after all, so I need to put myself in that role's position, and consider myself as the role's real Three-Dimension incarnation from my heart. Thus I can do much better in the expression part.


Like most female cosers...another challenge for me of course is -- weight loss and fitness, >_<

4. Your SuperSonico - the Ripper cosplay just wowed everyone here. I've read your description of this series and I think in order to present the "rip" effect, it must be really difficult to get the two shots(one with clothes and one without) with the same action. So how did you do it? During the photo shoot, did you meet any problems? If so, how did you solve them? How did you feel about others' comments about your SuperSonico?


Well, this series is also a favorite of mine. This was my first attempt at cosing SuperSonico. They were taken before I got married ( :P my husband was the photographer of this series). Personally I like SuperSonico very much, but unlike other anime characters, Sonico is an independent virtual idol without much plot and background, so one day it occurred to me: why not make my own Sonico? That's what you see now. In addition, Sonico herself is also sexy, so it matches perfectly. Hope you guys love this series like me.


5. Other than comic cosplay, have you tried any games' cosplay? What is your favorite game?


Yep, and quite often. I cosed the Vayne from League of Legends, Tifa from Final Fantasy VII, and many characters from Ragnarok Online, such as Succubus, Valkyries, Creator, Taekwon and etc. I am an enthusiast of games, too! And I'm good at all kinds of online or offline games. My next goal is to cos some characters from World of Warcraft. :)


6. Do you put on your cosplay make-up all by yourself? It looks amazing! Do you have some useful tips or tricks for those cosplay newbies in the west?


Yeah, I do it all by myself. Actually I tried to ask some makeup artists to help me, but they just didn't know what I really needed. I finally found that the one who knew the advantages and disadvantages of my facial features best was me, so I decided to do it by myself. But I think my makeup skill still needs to be improved. :)


Emmm, the features of westerners are striking, to them, a little make-up can help a lot! But there's only one thing you need to notice: your make-up must restore the appearance of the role. Other than that, don't wear too much deep eye shadow, it may influence your images.

7. Who is your favorite coser? Is there any photographer you like most?

In China I love the cosplay works of weisa(modern apparel) and tomato rabbit(ancient costume). And also I appreciate their photographers Vegetables&Meet and... my husband :P, I think their attitude towards cosplay is worth learning for every coser.


8. Nowadays, many people may recognize cosplay as becoming vulgar and dirty. In some people's opinion, they simply think that fame is all cosers want, ignoring the sincerity of cosplay itself. And more and more people tend to focus on the bodies and faces of cosers. What's your opinion about this phenomenon?

On the one hand, it proves that ACG culture is getting more popular in reality, as for those who don't know ACG, they definitely look at a coser's photos for their bodies and faces first. But on the other hand, it leads to bad effects for cosplay itself.


I believe that with the popularization of ACG culture in the real world, more people will understand the determination and efforts of cosers. As pioneers of cosplay, we should guide rather than reject those who don't know much about ACG. I believe that cosplay can be a part of the mainstream culture one day.

9. We're really glad to have this interview with you! Do you have anything else you would like to say to our MMOsites? Are you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram?(So that our readers can contact you easier) Thanks for your time!


Although I rarely communicate with you guys, I really do appreciate your love. Since it's my first interview, I feel a little nervous. I don’t have FB, TW, INS accounts (because I'm too lazy to update them...). In the end I'd like to say that I will try my best to present more awesome work to you guys! Please continue supporting MMOsite guys!

Well, do you like this beautiful and sexy girl after reading this interview? If you are interested in her cosplay work, you can visit her page or Weibo to learn more about her.

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