Those characteristic NPCs in Revelation Novice Stage

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Since the CBT launched last month, Revelation has caught so many players' eyes. Besides the special gameplay and fantastic scenes, the NPCs are also one of the hot topics. What's the charming of the NPCs in Revelation? I'll show you now:

Most Fashionable Village Chief

As the keeper of Tianyu village, the Village Chief is not an old-fashioned man, but instead, he is genial and funny. With his bald appearance and the sun glass, he is jokingly referred to as " Master Roshi". When he exhausted all his strength to save the player's life, he really moved us.


Most Romantic Prospective Patriarch

Gentle voice, graceful manner, and the tolerance, all these made him the most romantic Patriarch in Revelation, and no doubt that he captured lots of girls' hearts. What skill does he have? Go and check it in game by yourself.


Most Handsome Foodie

The first appearance of XiaoLuo is really awesome, but just 1 second later, he vomited because of the seasickness, which made us know that he is a funny guy. As a foodie, he will also take the players to discover all the delicious food in the game.


Most Mysterious Egg

If there's a rank of the NPC with fewest words, the Egg must be the winner. This cute little guy is mysterious and powerful, and it'll also be the companion of players to experience every challenge in the game.


Besides all of them, is there any other NPC you love?

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