Blizzard Will Continue Adding Content to Heroes of the Storm

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Many newbies of Heroes of the Storm may feel that there are only a few heroes available now, just like them, I'm also eager for more heroes so that it can make this game more enjoyable. Even though the play modes at present are quite interesting, but it still can not satisfy us right?


Blizzard may notice players' demands, according to a PCGamer's interview with Heroes of the Storm's director Dustin Browder, they are planning to continue adding contents to this game at a steady rate, with the studio promising even more game modes, heroes, and battlegrounds.


Here is what he said about adding new heroes:

"We're just going to keep adding heroes forever until we get sick of it and stop at this point. There's no secret number and there's no number that determines when we launch. I've had that asked many many times like "so, how many heroes do you need to launch?" and then they're doing the math and counting like "you do about about one a month...That's six months! Gotcha!" Unfortunately, I would launch today with the number of heroes we have. I'm good. The heroes are cool. We're ready to go."


And he also metioned that they were gonna keep adding more, definitely the rate of growth on maps was not gonna slow or stop until players felt that there were too many maps.

He expressed that their goal for this game was to communicate with their audience to the best of their ability that you hadn't seen anything yet. They didn't want this game to become stale. They did not want this game to become repetitive. They wanted this game to constantly evolve.

To me, I'm just wondering when my favorite Sylvanas will arrive in the Nexus, Blizzard please... bring her to me soon!


Which hero from Warcraft/Diablo/Starcraft is your most anticipated one in Heroes of the Storm? Just tell me! More details about this interview you can click here to learn more, and if you're interested in this Blizzard's MOBA, you can visit their official site to apply for Heroes of the Storm this CBT's keys.

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