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With the coming of 2015, the client game industry is still full of vigor. In the second half of 2014, Blizzard has caught our eyes by Heroes of the Storm and let us pay more attention on MOBA. Though competition is fierce, many anticipated MMOs are making themselves better to be a contender in the game market. Some players prefer better graphics, while others prefer a good storyline. Well, it's difficult to cater to all tastes, but here we will summarize upcoming MMOs with both features and list them below. Now read on to see what they are.



10. MapleStory 2

As the sequel to a classic side-scrolling MapleStory, 3D anime MMORPG MapleStory 2 naturally got high popularity as it was announced. One reason is that the combination of old and new, on the basis of retaining some maps and dungeons in MapleStory, a lot new maps and new bosses are added.

And in January Nexon KR has kicked off the 2nd CBT of MapleStory 2 with a tips video to help players know more about it. The level cap has been increased to 35 and a new housing system has been updated. Just like in real life, land is limited, and players will own a portion of property and must pay a lot for it.



9. Wild Fire

Only a few known MOBA will launch in 2015, while the 3D MOBA Wild Fire developed by NetEase can be counted as one of them. As a shining star at G-star 2014, Wild Fire, full of interactive and fun, naturally attracted players with the unique feature of first 3D fast-paced MOBA in the world.

Different from the tedious game path, uninteresting monster-killing and nurtured heroic mode of common MOBA, Wild Fire has serious battles at the very beginning of the game, just as its name hints. And one match can be finished in 15 to 20 minutes that is very suitable for busy guys.


According to an interview with the Wild Fire's developer, this MOBA will kick off First Closed Beta in early 2015. The number of heroes will exceed 30. Besides, European and American players have early access to Wild Fire at later international game exhibitions. Do you feel excited?

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