Another Ragnarok Online? Tree of Savior First CBT Preview

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Our highly anticipated MMORPG Tree of Savior is famous for being the actual sequel of the most classic "Ragnarok Online". Its 2.5D graphics and isometric viewpoint of the surrounding recall those wonderful memories of many RO fans. As we've reported, Tree of Savior CBT will begin on January 15th to 18th for a total of four days in Korea, and only 3,000 participants will be chosen tomorrow to participate in the first CBT, so it's quite hard for our NA/EU players to experience this game closely, but we can take a preview of this upcoming CBT!

Graphics & Sounds from the Memories of a Classic RPG

The graphics in Tree of Savior is spearheaded by the art director, Maggi An.  Maggi is responsible for character design, costumes, illustrations, NPC images, background images, modelling and texture design for Tree of Savior. The character design in Tree of Savior is a result of a five (5) step development process that consists of developing the 3D model based on 2D sketches and then converting it back onto a 2D frame.


The costume and background design also reminiscent on a particular medieval age and culture. Clothing and armor reflects the Roman Empire, buildings are inspired by medieval Europe and cities incorporated from Lithuania. The design team traveled around the world to places such as Lithuania, Turkey, Nepal, France and China to collect cultural data and re-create them in Tree of Savior. The interview with the art director,  Maggi showed an example of the “Fedimian” city is design based on the city of Bhaktapur in Nepal.


"Fedimian" city is design based on the city of Bhaktapur, Nepal

Kim Hakkyu started the Tree of Savior project with the aim to create a fairy tale environment with unique graphics styles. Emphasizing the loveliness and cuteness in Tree of Savior he said, “I began this project thinking that if I don’t make it, no one else will make games with cute graphics anymore.” Players will be able to recognize Tree of Savior based on its distinct art style.


Sevin, Tree of Savior Sound Director

We are also expecting great BGMs out of the Sound Director, Sevin who was working under SoundTEMP on the Ragnarok Online project. The BGM will use a combination of piano and various orchestra instruments to produce classical music in Tree of Savior. Other composers are Esti, Questrosound, Joon Sung Kim and Symphonix.

More details of Tree of Savior 1st CBT preview is on the next page!

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