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Unconsciously, time flies by and it’s time to tear off the last page of the 2014 calendar. This 2014 is not only an eventful year but also a turning point for MMOs. We’ve seen many classic MMOs revived by their new expansions; we’ve also felt sorry for those MMOs which failed in players’ test and had to be shut down; we’ve been excited about those upcoming MMOs which we’re eager for; we’ve also complained about those available MMOs which are only one-off slippers. Unfortunately, some of our favorite MMOs cannot be seen in this year review, such as your most anticipated MMO Tree of Savior, Revelation, Overwatch and so on. But don’t be upset, we’ve already put them into our "New MMO to look forward to in 2015" list - Hello MMO Jan Collection. What kind of MMO impresses you most in this year? What MMO do you think is the biggest name in 2014? Or…which MMO is the one you curse often but just cannot stop playing it? Hello MMO December - also Hello MMO 2014 Year in Review tells you!



Another biggest disappointment of 2014. In a year filled with disappointing launches and titles that could be doing so much better, WildStar had every reason to be a real standout.


Instead the game focused on high-end huge raids as the pinnacle of endgame and doubled down on randomness and constant challenge, relegating interesting concepts like Paths to the sidelines. The game still has an interesting crafting system, great graphics, interesting lore, fantastic housing, and tons of potential, but it crashed hard on impact by not capitalizing on what it did well.

I don’t think it’s a terrible game, and the launch itself wasn’t a trainwreck at all. WildStar bears little resemblance to its marketing from even two years ago, it hasn't been handled well post-launch by its studio, and it could have been so very much more - there's a reason it won "most anticipated" here two years in a row. Disappointment is exactly the right word for its 2014 showing.


Big boobies, smoky eyes, big asses, long legs…enough, nowadays all this kind of Korean MMOs ruin my eyes. And without the sexy elements, there’s nothing worth to mention them. They are just the followers of the old lady of MMOs – TERA.


This 2014 is also an important year for TERA. It finally launched the big MMO market- China, and received profits as well as spits. One of my Chinese friends grumbled that it’s too late to release this old graphic MMO in China, it even cannot defeat Blade and Soul (which seems to be dying in China).

Another big thing to TERA is the Fate of Arun. Recently its new expansion “Fate of Arun” has come as quite a surprise for a lot of players, is this what TERA needs in order to boost itself back up and bring back players? Lack of contents was the problem of TERA’s losing players, but with all of the new content coming with this expansion, it looks like TERA may feel like a new game. We are not sure that TERA is too far along to redeem itself, but this new expansion is going to really have to do well.


A game that also made by NCsoft…hmmm, you know. So I think that is why there’s no doubts that players tend to complain about it. This year Guild Wars 2 still can be seen on top news everywhere: its events, its update, its tournament…but seems that it’s not as hot as it once was in 2012 or 2013.


Guild Wars 2 and ArcheAge together were Gamescom 2012’s Korean MMO highlight, even attracted some famous media like Reuters to report them. And we’ve praised the two MMOs with every kind word as possible as we can. But time made fools of us.

Whether this game is losing its players quickly, it still has a place in this year’s hot MMOs. Its PvP system is still the advantage of it to retain their minority players. The PvP also brings the e-sports - If you are a Guild Wars 2 player and fancy yourself a not-half bad PvP player, I think to win part of a $50,000 pool at Guild Wars 2's PAX East tournament next spring may be a good choice for you.


I am neither a LoL fan nor a Dota 2 backer. So I don’t wanna reignite the debate between these two outstanding games. Dota is almost the original of all the MOBAs - it’s Dota that made MOBAs. Yes I have to admit that it has issues, the community is completely and utterly awful, toxic players are everywhere so you have to learn to swear wildly in at least 8 languages if you start playing.... But honestly that's all part of the experience, on the other hand, it embodies its popularity in MOBAs.


Any game where you have to lose 100 games before you even understand what's happening is a game going in the right direction. Easy-to-play may soon make you lose your interests and patience in those short games.

Dota 2 has officially been in closed beta for almost two years but has been accepting micro transactions the entire time and has consistently been the most popular game on Steam by a huge margin. The International tournament of Dota 2 in 2014 made Dota 2 become a hottest topic in gaming world. The International championships with a prize pool worth over $10 million turns out your mom was wrong: You can get rich and famous by playing games.But unfortunately, always the Asian players won.

Whether or not you believe e-sports are real sports, Dota 2 is at least big enough for ESPN. But this year many MOBAs, especially the Heroes of the Storm, will be a strong competitor to Dota 2. Whether can Dota 2 survive in this competitive MOBA world the next year? Time will tell us.


I think this year the biggest disappointment is ArcheAge. “Launch-then-die” seems to be an all-purpose curse of most MMOs. ArcheAge is no exception. It had aroused interests of players for a long time while they were waiting, but after it unveiled in NA/EU, it turned many players off.


ArcheAge got our nod at first for it showed that sandbox MMOs were desperately desired and that a good one will get the reception that it deserves.

And ArcheAge made NA/EU players look forward to it for a long time, but once this dream realized, they just found that it’s not the one that can bring them fun. Watching the immense enthusiasm for the game before it released, fade into utter despair has been heartbreaking.


ArcheAge still needs a lot of work, especially from the business angle, but way to shake up the norm and get people genuinely enthusiastic about MMO possibilities.

No more words on ArcheAge, it’s all heartbreaking.


This year we’ve suffered enough by a rush of Asian MMOs which we can’t play, viewing across the world, those Asian MMOs especially Korean MMOs are destroying our patience little by little, but thanks to Skyforge, our to-play list won’t be inundated with only Asian MMOs.


Skyforge is currently in closed beta period, so for a 2015 to pass by without release is hard (but not impossible!) to imagine. I feel really good about it coming out at least by fall 2015, so I'll put that here and let time make a fool of me.

The mix-and-match class system looks awesome, as does the high-tech world environments, follower system, and the over-the-top combat. Plus, Skyforge has a good developer pedigree and seems to be trying to impress an audience based on substance rather than hype. This could be a good little sleeper hit in the making.


Every day there’s a new MOBA, but all of them will be forgotten in just a blink of an eye. Most of them just copied the mode of League of Legends, and want to get a slice of the big MOBA pie. Without doubts, copycats die and League of Legends wins at last.


In just a few years, LoL is not only recognized as just a written abbreviation by most of people, it has become one of the biggest names in gaming world just like WoW did before. The secret sauce of its success in the MOBA genre is now unveiled – people.

League of Legends also freshens up e-Sport field. Season 4 of League of Legends is still under Korean professional players’ control. We felt sorry for our favorite western teams’ out – TSM, C9, Fnatic, Alliance and etc. But we must admit that we have to do more to catch up with Asian professional players. Which team will be the champion of LoL S5 World Finals in 2015? Let’s just wait and see.


Black Desert is the one that has been on the top of players’ most eager-to-play list for a long time. As a typical Korean MMO, Black Desert shows Korean MMOs' high technique in the graphic area - its best-ever customization is as good as the famous Korean plastic surgery.


For many Korea companies tend to pay more attention to mobile games nowadays, this year Korean MMOs are less than before. Even like NCsoft, one of Korean MMO giants, start to develop their famous MMOs’ mobile versions, such as the one we curse most - Blade and Soul. In the middle of 2014, Black Desert’s developer, Pearl Abyss, had confirmed their NA/EU publisher (Daum itself). Having Black Desert in 2015 is the point to say goodbye to Blade and Soul, we don’t care about your western server any more, let alone your mobile version – you just look like a cartoon compared to Black Desert. But time always loves to play tricks on people like me, maybe we’ll find another new sweetheart MMO.

According to recent news, Black Desert has started its open beta test(in Korea), but sadly the data of this OBT shows that Black Desert‘s performance is less than our expectations. Is it another “launch- then-die” MMO? Hope not. It’s said that the content deficiency in Black Desert OBT leads to this players’ loss. Regarding this shortcoming, Daum said they'll add more manufacture and crafting contents, new areas as well as guild system to meet the demands of players. Come on, Black Desert, please don’t let us down.


The first appearance of Square Enix’s new FF online game was condemned as a garbage. It was once tagged as “the worst FF game ever”, “the biggest shame of FF series” by FF loyal fans. Square Enix was under pressure to remake Final Fantasy XIV - but this time Square Enix succeeded.


Final Fantasy XIV won the 2013 IGN Best MMORPG, but Square Enix won’t get satisfied by only winning awards of one year. In the middle of this year FFXIV nearly fell out of Top 10 Hot MMO, but along with launching China server, releasing new expansion “A Realm Reborn” and a series of awesome events for players, it returns to players’ list.

Nowadays multi-platforms games are a strong trend of MMO, and based on multi-platforms, Final Fantasy XIV wins different kinds of players - it’s also the key to FFXIV’s success. Final Fantasy XIV’s success also reflects that a good game brand image can affect players’ choices, but to maintain its fan base you must show your sincerity.

Before we promote this article, we’ve got the news that Square Enix’s planning to release another FF online game (Final Fantasy XV), and it will probably come to PC.(Sounds something around 2016…)


World of Warcraft is definitely more than just a memory of the growth of one generation. Ten years passed, those MMOs which born at the same time as World of Warcraft now we can’t even find them. World of Warcraft has created one miracle after another while other MMOs died one after another. To WoW players, it’s not a MMO seemingly, it has been a part of their lives.


At the beginning of 2014, we thought WoW may have to retire soon, but its new expansion “Warlords of Draenor” proves that the older, the wiser. It rescued this old MMO giant and makes WoW come back to its throne in MMO world.Warlords of Draenor has pushed global subscribers to the MMO past the 10 million milestone. And 3.3 million copies of the add-on pack sold-through in the first 24h on sale.

Why can World of Warcraft keep its charm over the past decade, and what are the most welcome elements of Warlord o Draenor? Except its always-fresh gameplays, and good gaming experience for players, the key is Blizzard’s attitude of making games. Nowadays many MMOs fail to listen to their players’ words, so that’s why they fail to win players’ hearts. World of Warcraft did it, and with the key of success, it may go further than we can image.

But it brings another problem to us: There’s only one MMO on the top over the past ten years, whether does this mean there’s no advance and innovation in MMO world?

2014 is a year full of happiness and surprises, thanks for the 2014 with all the MMOsiters, thank you for your supporting our work, we will try our best to work harder. See you in our Hello MMO 2015!

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