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Unconsciously, time flies by and it’s time to tear off the last page of the 2014 calendar. This 2014 is not only an eventful year but also a turning point for MMOs. We’ve seen many classic MMOs revived by their new expansions; we’ve also felt sorry for those MMOs which failed in players’ test and had to be shut down; we’ve been excited about those upcoming MMOs which we’re eager for; we’ve also complained about those available MMOs which are only one-off slippers. Unfortunately, some of our favorite MMOs cannot be seen in this year review, such as your most anticipated MMO Tree of Savior, Revelation, Overwatch and so on. But don’t be upset, we’ve already put them into our "New MMO to look forward to in 2015" list - Hello MMO Jan Collection. What kind of MMO impresses you most in this year? What MMO do you think is the biggest name in 2014? Or…which MMO is the one you curse often but just cannot stop playing it? Hello MMO December - also Hello MMO 2014 Year in Review tells you!



Another biggest disappointment of 2014. In a year filled with disappointing launches and titles that could be doing so much better, WildStar had every reason to be a real standout.


Instead the game focused on high-end huge raids as the pinnacle of endgame and doubled down on randomness and constant challenge, relegating interesting concepts like Paths to the sidelines. The game still has an interesting crafting system, great graphics, interesting lore, fantastic housing, and tons of potential, but it crashed hard on impact by not capitalizing on what it did well.

I don’t think it’s a terrible game, and the launch itself wasn’t a trainwreck at all. WildStar bears little resemblance to its marketing from even two years ago, it hasn't been handled well post-launch by its studio, and it could have been so very much more - there's a reason it won "most anticipated" here two years in a row. Disappointment is exactly the right word for its 2014 showing.


Big boobies, smoky eyes, big asses, long legs…enough, nowadays all this kind of Korean MMOs ruin my eyes. And without the sexy elements, there’s nothing worth to mention them. They are just the followers of the old lady of MMOs – TERA.


This 2014 is also an important year for TERA. It finally launched the big MMO market- China, and received profits as well as spits. One of my Chinese friends grumbled that it’s too late to release this old graphic MMO in China, it even cannot defeat Blade and Soul (which seems to be dying in China).

Another big thing to TERA is the Fate of Arun. Recently its new expansion “Fate of Arun” has come as quite a surprise for a lot of players, is this what TERA needs in order to boost itself back up and bring back players? Lack of contents was the problem of TERA’s losing players, but with all of the new content coming with this expansion, it looks like TERA may feel like a new game. We are not sure that TERA is too far along to redeem itself, but this new expansion is going to really have to do well.

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