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Girlvania: Summer Lust is a game by Girlvanic Studios, formerly known as Pineapple Works, developer of ActiveDolls. Their new game continues with all-girl action but this time with much improved graphics and gameplay. Girlvania offers the player 4 characters to choose from and 3 locations each with their own lighting options. You can play with one girl or 3 at a time. The game has a wide range of toys, poses, clothes, jewelry and make-up options to choose from.


Gameplay and Content

The player starts off with only a few options and just one girl. Additional content is unlocked by completing educational courses with each of the 4 girls. These consist of a series of sex mini-games requiring the player to move a cursor within a progressive range until the character reaches climax. If you're too aggressive and go beyond the limits you will hurt the girl and you have to start over. The girls' facial expressions and body language will also give you a good idea of how you're doing. The game features oral, vaginal and anal sex.


The toys range from a standard dildo to candy and a lot of things in between. There are also hand toys used to play with their breasts and to rub their clits. The characters are also capable of self-satisfaction if you just want to sit back and watch. All sex animations can be set to auto if you don't want to control the movements yourself.


The controls are very intuitive allowing the player to get into the game with little difficulty. The user interface is simple, doesn't get in the way and can be resized to fit your preference. Girlvania accommodates up to 3 additional camera views so you won't miss a thing. You can set the target of each of the split screens however you please. There's also an option to see the action through the POV of any character.


Girlvania features an impressive amount of customization options to change the girls' make-up, clothing and jewelry. You can save your favorite combinations into save slots and that can be loaded and applied to any model. This is all done in the dressing room with a nice organized layout and presentation.


Graphics and Sound

The character models are well crafted and you won't find any texture seams on their bodies. Each character has a unique voice set, body shape and detailed skin. Flesh simulation is well done making penetration, touch and movement look more natural.


The penetration sounds are best described as succulent or juicy. Maybe a bit over the top but they work and I wouldn't change them. The characters' voices are sexy and nicely performed. The girls are not too talkative but they'll tell you when you need to work harder and when you're doing a good job. Their moans and pants sound great and they're complemented by some expressive facial and body animations.


The 3 available locations consist of a beach house's rooftop, main floor and basement. The environments are simple but well built and visually appealing. The characters don't cast or receive proper shadows but the lighting is still impressive nonetheless and you can choose from 6 lighting conditions based on time of day. Ambient sounds are also present and add a nice subtle touch.


There are some graphics customization options ranging from setting your screen resolution, user interface size, turning bloom on/off and a few color filters such as sepia, postcard and black & white. The game doesn't appear to have any form of anti-aliasing so you will see some jagged edges. It's not overwhelming and there is a quick fix for that. You can force AA through your graphics card's control panel/center by creating a game profile for Girlvania.exe and enabling it there.

Closing Thoughts

According to the game's credits, Girlvania: Summer Lust was made by a two person team. When you consider the quality of the game and amount of content that is presented it's quite an accomplishment. Priced at $39.99, it's not the cheapest adult game on the market but when you factor in the quality the value is pretty good. The character style and lesbian-only sex might not appeal to everyone but it definitely stands out from the crowd and it's a game worth checking out.


  • nice character models and animations
  • large selection of accessories and clothing options
  • unobtrusive and simple user interface
  • great camera options
  • intuitive controls


  • lack of in-game anti-aliasing
  • long-term appeal is questionable without frequent content updates

Overall Score 8.5/10

The review is by Jeff_3


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