Final Fantasy XIV - Cleaning The Armoury Chest Like A Pro

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Final Fantasy XIV has a great feature to go alongside its multi-class ability – a separate inventory area called the “Armoury Chest.” This is the first place where weapons and armor go, up until your chest is full, after which they will go to the inventory. Because of having the ability to play many classes, each with their own sets of armor and weapons, it’s important to keep this clean and organized. That’s exactly what we’re going to cover here!

Final Fantasy XIV

Starting Early

I want to start off by saying that if you get going with these strategies early, it’s a lot easier than waiting. Much like anything else, if you delay too long and let things keep building up, it becomes a much bigger hassle to get everything resolved later on. So be sure to employ these tricks from the get-go! Otherwise, what may take a minute here and there can take hours – or get to the point where it’s so confusing, you just forget about it altogether.

Understanding the Slots

There are a total of 13 different tabs for items. Weapons, for example, get their own that’s separate from helmets. And those are separated from boots. In each of these categories, there’s 25 slots (which ends up with 325 slots total, but there is no crisscrossing).

When a new piece of gear is obtained – whether it’s an armor piece, a weapon, etc., it will try to go into one of these empty slots. If one of the tabs is full, such as weapons, any new items that fit in that category will instead go into the normal inventory. This is important to note because if you’re missing items you looted, this is a great place to look. But really, you want to push to keeping everything in the armoury; it’s just that much easier to deal with when it is.

Final Fantasy XIV


A somewhat confusing part of this system is how you can sort items. Sure, you can do it manually, but it’s a lot faster and easier to start off with an automatic one. To do this, right-click on an item that’s in the armoury, and then choose “sort.” Note that this must be on an item, not a blank space.

If you want to change the way the sort system works, you can also check out the game’s options. To do this, go to Character Configuration -> Character -> Sort Customization. Here, you’ll find different things you can change.

Can I Just Dump Unwanted Items?

While this may be a thought that comes to mind first, the answer is no, and there are two reasons for this. First off, you can take items that are 100% Spiritbond and you don’t need and turn them into materia. And the second is that you need to know what items you’re using on which classes so that you don’t throw out an item you still need (just not on the current class).

Final Fantasy XIV

Finding Used and Unused Items

Note: please be careful when following this. It’s easy to forget to do a step, and you can lose items in the process. Always be attentive to what you’re doing. We’re in no way responsible if anything goes wrong.

Gearing up happens pretty often, so keeping up with what you’re using and not using is important. To do this, we’re going to take a detour from the “norm” to utilize a much more efficient method of storage. To do this, take every item in the Armoury Chest and move them up to the first slots, or just use the Sort option on each bag.

Now, go to your lowest level class that you have. Un-equip each item from its inventory and put it all into the bags at the very bottom right corner, after making sure you have the best items you can equip already equipped. Keep doing this with class after class. Once you’ve finished with the last one, you will have your inventory separated into items you are using and items you can discard.

Go through the bags one by one and discard any unused items that say “Convertible: No” in the information screen (or sell some, if you’re able and want to). The rest, move half-way down the bag so you can get them set up. Once you finish with this, you should have three sections in each bag: an empty area, followed by unused items that are convertible, and then items you still equip on some classes.

Utilizing Convertible Items

So the goal right now is to take trash items that are convertible and use them for material. Take any that are already at 100% and right-click and use “Convert.” This will destroy that item and make a new material from it. The rest you will want to get bound to.

The easiest way to get bound to items is to take two or three at a time and swap them out with your normal gear when leveling (and leave your normal gear in the bottom right of each bag). Keep playing them until they get to 100%, then Convert them and do the next piece until all that’s left in the bag is items you’re using. This will help get value out of items you don’t want or need, while allowing you to clear your bags at the same time.

Final Fantasy XIV


FFXIV has an awesome inventory system, but it’s easy to get cluttered up. Even with just one or two classes, you can get overwhelmed. Taking it in the first time and paying attention to what you’re doing can go a long way towards keeping it clean and free so that you can maximize the efficiency of it. By doing things the right way – and continuing to do so – you can cut down on the time commitment needed to keep this from being overloaded, while at the same time get the most value from your items.

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