Rise of Dinos: Revolution, Not Evolution!

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A single message of both survival and extinction has lead to a war unlike any other -- and to the Rise of Dinos. NetEase, a leading game developer and publisher in China, found international success with Dark Blade - nominee for Best Mobile Game at Gamescom 2014 - and now NetEase is breaking into new territory, bringing forth enormous dino warriors of tremendous power and real-time tactical mastery, and epic battles upon which the destinies of dinosaur tribes are balanced!


Dino on Fire exploded onto the mobile market in North America and Europe, featuring on the Best New Games list at the Apple App Store, and soon the game, named anew as Rise of Dinos, will be invading iOS and Android platforms in Latin America! Created by famed gaming company NetEase, the skilful gameplay, unique hero and gear upgrade system, and revolutionary intelligent battle micro-control of Rise of Dinos has won widespread popularity among gamers.

Rise of Dinos boasts unique gameplay features completely unlike the usual combat strategy game. Calibrated for retina displays, Rise of Dinos will plunge you into a fantastic world of Jurassic dinosaur! Construct your base, build strong defenses, train up masses of dino-warriors, and then battle against players around the globe in this completely FREE strategy game! Let’s invade – with DINOSAURS!


Rise of Dinos combines mobile game specific 2D graphic technologies with full 3D modeling and 1080 HD graphics to create beautifully defined, high-resolution characters and environments.  Merging MOBA gameplay and battle micro-control with strategy elements, Rise of Dinos offers a perfect experience of real-time combat.


This Next-Generation SLG offers:

Full control of your Dino warrior during battles, with many warriors and hundreds of different power skills available

Over 10 diversified real time strategy gameplays

Multi-player mode for play with your real-life friends

And you can share the fun with friends through Facebook or real-time in-game messaging!

MMO players will be familiar with NetEase through the upcoming, spectacular MMORPG Revelation.  NetEase showcased Revelation, WildFire and Project Fire, along with Rise of Dinos at this year's G-Star. Gamers, how do you rate Rise of Dinos?


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