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As one of the shinning stars at the G-star last weekend, the 3D fast pace MOBA game WildFire has gathered lots of attention along with Revelation at NetEase booth. MMOsite is quite lucky to get an opportunity to have an interview with NetEase Wildfire Team to give our readers a deep introduction for the game. 


1: Firstly, would you like to introduce yourself to our MMOsite readers?

Hello, MMOsite players, I’m Frank Xiang, Marketing Director of NetEase Games.It’s my great honor to have this opportunity to introduce NetEase newly published 3D MOBA Wildfire.

2: Let’s put our focus on Wildfire. As the news report goes, Wildfire is the first 3D fast-paced MOBA in the world. Would you like to briefly introduce this game to us and how it differs from the numerous MOBAs in the game market?

We find that in MOBA what players really enjoy is fierce team battle rather than tediously attacking, farming and killing dogfaces. Consequently, from the perspective of battle experience, Wildfire provides players with free choices in equipment system, role positioning, tactical operation, etc. to make them smoothly experience the core fun of this game.


3: Our readers are very interested in Wildfire’s MOBA combines with TPS gaming mode, which put action, shooting, magic and a plenty of combat modes together. Is this kind of combat difficult for players to control? Is there any skills we need to master when we play the game?

Good question! In order to optimize the game experience, we adopted the intelligent fuzzy aiming, lens and view control, hit feedback mechanism, etc. after researching the pain points and the core needs of players. Players can get on with this game easily and experience the fun of the game mechanisms after our numerous tests and development iterations.

4: As we know, NetEase has brought lots of games into international exhibitions, so what’s the overseas plan for Wildfire? When will our western players get a chance to give a shot?

Wildfire is essentially an internationalized product, so we had planned to explore the global market. Many overseas publishers have shown stronginterestin Wildfire fromthe previous TGS to the current G-Star. But we still need some time to optimize some details in order to ameliorate the game experience. European and American players can pre-experience Wildfireat later international game exhibitions.


5: How do you see Wildfire fitting into a very crowded MOBA market? How does this game compare to other MOBA titles, such as League of Legends?

MOBA has a very large player base. Different players have different needs. So from my perspective MOBA still has very great market potential.  It can have different styles and the game modes can be more diverse and innovative. LOL is only one specific category of MOBA. Wildfire provides players with a brand-new experience; the 3D MOBA battle experience is totally different from that of LOL. Therefore, we believe that Wildfire will have a very promising future and will be a star game in the MOBA market.

6: As we know that multiplatform games have become a trend in the market, will Wildfire consider being launched both on PC and mobile? And since it is a 3D MOBA, what’s the system requirementfor Wildfire?

Currently we still have no plan to develop the mobile version of Wildfire. Now the PC version is our greatest priority.

Thanks to the excellent optimization, Wildfire can adapt to mostoperating systems likeWin7, Win8, Win XP, etc.and can be operated on most PCs in the current market. So system adaptation requirement is not a barrier for players to experience this game.


7: Will Wildfire be a free title? If it is, will in-game purchase affect the fairness of game? 

Free title is a trend, and Wildfire will be no exception. We can guarantee that all the in-game purchases would not affect the combatnumerics becausefairness is our first priority and core value.

8: e-Sport is really expanding rapidly, and what’s your future plan of Wildfire in this field? Could players see a champion tournament when it is officially launched?  

E-Sport will undoubtedly be an important direction for the future development of Wildfire because e-Sport can show both the teamwork feature and the core battle mode of this game. Many professional teams and guilds have participated in our game test. 

Champion tournament is an important platform and channel for the development of Wildfire in e-Sport. We may start the champion tournament synchronously with the OBT of Wildfire.

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