Civilization Online Launches CBT2 with Devtalk Highlights

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Civilization Online, the highly anticipated Korean MMROPG from XLGAMES and 2K Games, has entered its second closed beta in Korea today. Showcased at G-Star 2014, Civilization Online unveiled its fourth civilization, Aztec, following the previous Rome, China, and Egypt.


The Aztec civilization might have a longer period of peace, as it is located on a different continent from Rome, China and Egypt. Aztec civilization will be available in CBT2, and more elements unique to each civilization will be added to the game.

Lots of gamers may have known Civilization Online by Civilization series, the single player games are purely turn-based, while the online version is a MMORPG, hence there will be great differences between them. In Civilization Online, players can be challenged by more uncertain elements, such as deciding as a whole to build a city or start a war. Players can also explore a vast world along with others.


In the single player games, players look at the world with a god's vision. Here, each players has a different role and tasks to fulfil. Cooperation between players and fighting with other civilizations is very new to the series. You are going to be the one to change the world.

According to the developers, Egypt is the most popular civilization in the game, perhaps players are attracted to the design of the Egyptian guards and king. Even if the population is the biggest, Egypt never got the first position in any server. This might be due to players in the Egypt civilization tend to be more focused on building than warring.


In Civilization Online Closed Beta 1, the only option to win is to be victorious in war. In Closed Beta 2, the team has added new winning options, includes building a pyramid! And more winning options will be added, such as through technology research, like firing a rocket etc. So that players who are not into war will be able to win as well.

Civilization Online team will also add several ancient and modern musical instruments into the game, some which will buff players during war, some which will speed up construction time. Intersted gamers can head for the offical website to learn more information about the game, or check out the G-Star highlights below:


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