Action MMORPG Lost Ark G-Star Interview and 19mins Gameplay Trailer

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Smile Gate has released a new gameplay trailer of Lost Ark at their booth which lasts 19 minutes long. This trailer mainly shows 5 classes of this game. Besides, it shows an unique system called "Tripod". Tripod is a kind of skill system that can strengthen skills by players' willingness - so we can learn that even players have the same skill, they can use it in different ways.

The "Adventure Mode" and "Living Mode" of this game are also showed in the trailer. Adventure mode allows you to know the story of Lost Ark via completing various quests. And Living mode is a way for you to get item without fights - a kind of manufacture and crafting for sure. Player can take ores to make items, domesticate a dog to find the treasures buried in the ground, or go fishing and chopping wood with other players to collect items.


Lost Ark Tripod system

In Lost Ark world, players can travel around the world on ship. Over the sea, there are a variety of random events for you to experience, such as meeting a ghost ship or finding a hidden dungeon to explore.


We can found “FOR ALL RPG FAN” as the video ends. It serves to show the ambition of SmailGate to make Lost Ark to an RPG masterpiece. The developer also answered some most concerning questions by players in an interview, let's check out below:


Plot Choice: Kick him off or Bring him up

Q: Lost Ark's first appearance at G-Star has caused a sensation, it gets highly praised by medium, even some Korean media predict that it must win the best Korean game of this year. So when will you release this game?

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