Interview: NCsoft Describes Difference Between Lineage Eternal and Diablo 3

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Lineage Eternal that disappearing for a time has revealed a large amount new content at G-star 2014, while seeing the trailer of this hot MMORPG, some players regard its gameplay style is quite similar to Diablo 3 instead of its pre-work Lineage series. About this the develop team have positively responded in an interview. Read on.


Q: Some players think Lineage Eternal is similar to Diablo 3 in gameplay style, what do you think about that?

A: If just judging from one trailer, the two are very much like truly in view and attacking ways, but Lineage Eternal give more chance for players to interact. As a MMORPG, Lineage Eternal this time mainly displays RPG content, and more MMO content will be added to increase interaction among players in the near future. For example, only maximum four players can team up in Diablo 3, while 20 or more players can team up in Lineage Eternal.


Moreover, in character growth, Diablo 3 only focus on roll gear upgrade, but Lineage Eternal pursuit the team work and how much contribution a player can give for the team, inheriting features like clan and siege warfare of its pre-works.

Q: How to realize the interaction between players?

A: There isn’t any specific show about players’ interaction. But for instance, adjacent players can accept a same task, or field boss that couldn’t be beat by single player coming out enables cooperation.

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