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Ghar Station Eyn is a new warfront that came about with the coming of Rift’s expansion, Nightmare Tide. This is a lot like Library of the Runemasters, an older one, but does have a few differences.

A Huge World

The map for Ghar Station Eyn is pretty large, and it has multiple layers to it. It’s in an area with structures, so players can stay on the ground floor or move up and down as they wish. This can add a bit of time to catching up with team members, leading to a dangerous situation while you attempt to do so. As a good bonus to trying to move around, however, if you walk down into the water (which you should just be walking on), you can jump higher and run faster. While it doesn’t have a huge impact on making it from one area to another faster, it can make a difference in some situations.


Many Objective Items

Library of the Runemasters had around 6-7 Deadly Rune Vessels (its objective item). Ghar Station Eyn comes with many more than this, showing a minimum of at least 9 at any given time. Along with this, they are all available from the very beginning of the match. In essence, grabbing them is like Easter egg hunting – you have to rush as fast as possible and pick them up as you can. Along with this, due to the number of them and holders dying all the time, they spawn quite often. Watching the map for new spawns is important in regards to picking them up before enemy players do.


Obtaining Points and Winning the Match

Points in this warfront are earned by holding the vessels, which, much like in Black Garden and Library of the Runemasters, do damage to holding them over time. Each tick here gives one point to your team but does damage on an increasing scale, so the goal is to hold as many as possible while avoiding enemy combat (as you really don’t want more damage than you are already sustaining while trying to hold the objective items.

While the number of items here makes it seem like the matches should be pretty quick, that’s far from the truth. First of all, in the other two similar warfronts, points are earned at a rate of at least 3x what they are here. And to add on, here, it takes a total of 1500 points to end the match. As a result, the matches usually last about as long as any of the other warfronts do.


The strategy here is to pick up the vessels as fast as possible and hold them as long as possible. What makes this a bit difficult is that the map shows where all of them are, letting enemy players easily target you while holding. As a result, it’s important to keep with team members and work towards keeping the enemies at bay, while keeping yourself healed so that you can hold it for a longer period of time. To assist with this, here are a couple of tips:

• Try to run the vessels back towards your starting area. If you kill an enemy, this will put them further away from you, giving more time before they can return and continue their assault. This also makes it easier for your own team members to jump back into the fray when they die

• Always target enemies that are holding the runes. Players often don’t do this, but it’s important. Keep in mind that the rune itself is helping kill the player for you, so if you keep added damage on them, you increase the chances that they will go down

• Save cooldowns for when a vessel does a damage tick (to yourself or enemies, depending on if you’re healing or doing damage). When dealing with healing yourself, this can let you heal up to full instantly. When damaging enemies, this can be the difference between finishing them off and having them out-heal you. Pay attention to the time in between ticks, and try to time your skills to hit just after this for maximum efficiency

• Keep away from allies that are holding objectives. While it may seem like a good idea since you can protect each other, you want to ensure you are far enough apart that AoEs can’t hit you. This is an ongoing issue in warfronts like this – players group up in such a way that the enemy can take down multiple at a time. Especially when already taking damage by default, you want to minimize this as much as possible.



Ghar Station Eyn is a nice new warfront that allows an entire team to get involved. Instead of just having a couple objectives for everyone to fight over, there are many of them. This brings with it its own challenges, however, in that teams that work together (and actually capture the objectives) are going to do much better. There’s just a lot less room for error, and this adds to the difficulty of winning. Overall it’s a great new warfront, and it’s definitely a nice looking map!

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