A Place without Worry of Leveling: Revelation SPA Hotel Preview

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By mushroomzDate: Nov 04 2014 Views:


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The new oriental fantasy MMO Revelation is quite familiar to our MMOsiters, as we've reported before, this game has its own featured systems and various gameplays, especially the good-looking of it. This time, we're gonna introduce the SPA hotel of Revelation to you guys. What's the SPA hotel? Only for relaxing? Just follow us and see!


Leveling while you're enjoying a hot spring or drinking a glass of wine, isn't it cool? This system is designed for those players who only play this game for relax or have no more time on leveling. This leisure training way of leveling will definitely attract many players.


Thus makes the SPA hotel also a good place of making friends, players can chat with each other while enjoying the beautiful scenery of SPA hotel.


The SPA hotel was firstly owned by civets, then human beings came. They found it fun that they can play tricks on those humans, so watch out for these naughty civets!


More features of Revelation please stay tuned for our latest news!

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