ArcheAge - Are ArcheAge's Hacks Going to Kill The Game

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ArcheAge is a game that has a lot of things going for it, but when it comes to the number of hacks and exploits that are available, it starts to drag the game down. Most games have at least a couple of small exploits that don’t affect much, and hacks like bots, but ArcheAge really takes the cake in terms of recent MMOs with regards to this.

The Number of Hacks and Exploits is Growing

It was recently reported that there were already around 10 hacks and exploits for ArcheAge. Since then, more of these have come to light. Some of these were bad enough as it was – such as land hacks that allow players to snag land in an automated fashion (even while offline), but now the bar is being pushed even further. The latest one to surface is the ability to change trades before they are completed, such that a both players input the items they are trading, and a hack can be used to alter that so that one receives little to nothing, despite what was locked in previously. Things like this can’t be prevented against through in-game methods, either, as they are done after the fact.

What makes the situation a bit worse is that while we know about a lot of hacks and exploits, there are numerous ones we don’t know about as well. The trade one has probably been there for a long time now, but only recently became public knowledge due to players making a complaint about it. There are also others, such as the ability to regrade items with 100% effectiveness, but there have only been claims – not any proof of them truly existing.


Trion’s Response

Trion has made a response to the claims of using land hacking in the past, as well as things like botting, but there wasn’t much done in the way of actually dealing with the situation. In fact, there were many forums dedicated to the hacks where players were speaking about how they were banned for using these methods and then were unbanned by simply making a request. Once this information went public, it caused a lot of public disapproval with the way things were being handled, as the players using these hacks knew exactly what they were doing.

Luckily, Trion does appear to have been dealing with the situation more harshly as of recent, with many players reporting ban waves, with some losing all of their accounts all at once. We could view this as being “too little, too late,” but as seen in the game’s economy, the effect has been showing up pretty clearly. Gold has been removed from the game, land has been removed (opened) and the market itself has been fluctuating since these true bans. And according to the players, the bans are permanent, making many second guess whether or not they want to risk it again in the future. After all, while the game is free to play, there is a lot of time lost when an account is banned. And if what’s going on right now is any indication of what to expect going into the future, it’s that Trion is ready to deal with this head-on and start punishing the players that try to skirt the system.


What if Trion Drops the Ball Again?

Trion has already gotten a pretty clear response to their lack of doing anything in the past. When these hacks were becoming more and more common in the game and it was clear that nothing was happening to stop them, there were countless threads on the official forums and otherwise with players that were canceling their subscriptions because of them. After all, what’s the point of paying for a game just so you can own land… when you can’t own land due to hacks? It’s really not clear if it’s this action that started kicking Trion into high gear, but the community has already let the game publisher know what’s going to happen if the ball drops again in the future: there is going to be an exodus of subscribers. There may still be a lot of players taking part in the game still, but a lot of people are going to stop subscriptions since the hacks make them meaningless anyways.


Looking Into the Future

Some players were upset about “beating a dead horse” on the forums, with there being so many threads about a situation that wasn’t changing. It looks like it probably helped, though, and at least for now, ArcheAge is back alive again. The game has been losing wrongdoers, but has retained its legitimate players as a result. And Trion has once again been proving that they are capable of handling a situation, even if it requires somewhat drastic measures. So for now, the game lives. We just have to hope that Trion keeps up with what’s going on and stays adamant about handling it, as all it would take is another slip again to send ArcheAge into a downward spiral. And as players of the game, this is not something we want to see!

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