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Recently, there are many sailing games coming to us, which one impresses you most? Let's see!

Moonlight Blade

Tencent highly anticipated MMORPG Moonlight Blade isn't only a martial art MMO, it includes more interesting elements than traditional MMO, especially the sailing system! Here is the "Moonlight Over The Sea" trailer video, we'll find out what the sailing system looks like.

"Cloud Sail": Set sail to walk on the stormy seas!


This sailing gameplay adds two ocean maps: East China Sea and South China Sea, and also adds two islands: Elysium Island and Hai River Islet. And players can set sail from Hangzhou at present.


The weather on the sea will be changing all the time, even there will be a terrible storm! Let's see the screenshots of different weathers on the sea.


It's said that there will be some treasures in some secret places on the other side of seas, players can't miss them!


There will be more places in this new sailing system, are you ready to set sail to Moonlight Blade? Hope the launch date of Moonlight Blade global server will be ealier and ealier. More details of Moonlight Blade we'll try our best to present them to you guys!

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