Dragon Slayer Debut Trailer - Mounts and Monsters!

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Developed by X-Legend, the Taiwanese studio behind games such as Aura Kingdom and Eden Eternal, the Taiwan server of Dragon Slayer recently got updated with authentic Japanese seiyuu voiceovers for the game NPCs.

The seiyuu cast is really impressive, with animes such as Naruto, Ika Musume, Sword Art Online, Fairy Tail, No Game No Life and more on the CV. This update is most likely launched in-conjunction with the Japan server Closed Beta which is starting, with the game renamed as Hunter Hero.

A new class was also added, loosely translated as the Samurai. The 2 weapons available at level 30 are Tachi and Dual Halberd, with the latter a pretty strange weapon choice for a Samurai. Both weapons will provide players with helpful AOE damage skills, making the class a real party must-have.


Via: mmoculture

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