Chalk-art Fairy Tale Game "Dokuro" Steam Greenlight Is officially LIVE!

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I have to admit that the graphic and trailer of Dokuro has caught my eyes when I first saw it! Saving the princess with the skeleton who have the heart of a prince should be the theme of the storyline. A classical fairy-tale springs to life in this charming, chalk-art puzzle/platformer by GungHo America which has hit Steam now! Let's get to know more about this fairy tale adventure of the charming little skelly-friend!

Dokuro puts players in command of a brave little skeleton who is fed up with his master, the Dark Lord, and resolves to rescue a recently kidnapped princess. The princess is blind to the various dangers and pitfalls of the castle and will continue to move forward -- potentially to her doom-- if our hero doesn't do something! Upon coiffing down a magical blue elixir, Dokuro gains the ability to transform into a swashbuckling hero. This noble form allows him to save the day and simultaneously catch the eye of the otherwise unaware princess.



Push, pull, jump and toggle to solve unique and increasingly difficult puzzles. Handle inhospitable situations with the power of the almighty chalk! Different colors of chalk allow our little bonehead to draw lines of flame, create great bodies of water, and repair broken ropes. If those challenges aren't harrowing enough, there’s also a fair amount of skillful jumping, slashing, and dodging required to get through the tough-as-nails platforming segments!


Some players may not be new to this game, cause Dokuro was first released in PSVita in 2012, and then entered the IOS and Android platform. With new visual effects, a revamped UI, and a full set of Steam achievements, the critically acclaimed Dokuro is finally arriving on the PC! Intersted gamers can take a look at the system requiement below:


And here goes the links of Dokuro: Steam Page, Facebook, Twitter. Intersted gamers don't forget to check out more screenshots next page! Adroid and IOS users can click the download links below to give the game a shot on your phone!

available_on_googleplay available_on_appstore

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