Bloody Co-op Gladiatorial Combat Arrives in Enterchained on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone

By mushroomz Date: Oct 19 2014 Views:

After a slight delay, gladiatorial co-op combat game Enterchained has been released on iOS, Android, and Windows Phone.

In it, you and an AI companion have been tied together and forced to fight for your lives in the Colloseum.

Enemies will charge at you, alone and in packs, and with a variety of weapons.

You and your partner fight back by swinging you swords and tripping them over with the chain that links the two of you.

While the bloody combat may be satisfying enough to hold your interest, Enterchained has a bunch of quests for you to complete.

Completing these unlocks swords, shields, and helms for you to mix and match. You can get throwing swords for ranged attacks, huge swords, for multi-kills, and spiky armour to hurt foes upon contact.

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