Player Customization in Black Desert Online: The Dye-System

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The Developers of Black Desert Online went another step ahead in this Closed Beta to provide the players with additional means of player customization. On of these additions is the ingame dye-system, that gives players the opportunity to acquire colored potions that can be later used to color parts of their armor. Every major town in Black Desert includes different kind of NPCs and the dyes-trader is one of them.


It is up to the Players’ discretion to choose whether they want to buy a single color or by bulk. After obtaining the chest containing the color,  upon opening it, you’ll get a random shade of this color. Lets say you bought the red color box, you’ll end up either having light, dark red, pink etc. In our attempt, the respective red & green color boxes gave us army green and a brown shade.


The Dye-feature is being opened by pressing “J”. Now you’ll be able to see all of your armor parts, the available colors and a preview of your character.


To proceed and color your armor, you’ll have to choose the specific item from the menu. Next you’ll have to decide on what aspect of it you want to color (3 white circles): 1 = main part of armor. 2 = secondary parts of armor. 3 = third parts of armor like sutures, threads or strings of the armor.


The RGB button will remove the color you have add at this moment and change it back to the original (note is not removing the dye if you already have dye it, it removes the color you have added to preview. When you selected the colors you want, press the button at the bottom.)


Here you can clearly see the effect of using the dye system and in what elegant detail it changes and customizes your armor and weapons!


Also enjoy the video below

Though Black Desert 3rd CBT had been finished, it brought us lots of surprises and interesting experience! Hope there will be more gameplays available next time! Also you can see other players' views about this game!


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