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September comes to its end, but this month is more exciting than we've expected. Many MMORPG are available to play, including the long-anticipated open world MMORPG ArcheAge which is now officially launched, along with plenty of games entering beta tests such as Black Desert , Albion Online and HeroWarz. Have you picked up any your favorite MMORPG already?


This month we made a vote on TOP10 hot games in September to collect MMOsiters' ideas, unfortunately, owning to the system restriction in forum, some hot MMORPGs such as Dragon Nest, Mabinogi, Moonlight Blade supported by you can not be listed. But this time we take all your opinions into account, so read on to see what kind of MMO has left great impression to our mmositers in September.

NO.10 Blade 9 NA

Blade 9 is a free-to-play fantasy MMORPG set in the orient in a mythical world and it is one of MMORPG that has entered beta phase, along with a lot of Event updated, including Devil Hunt, The Journey, Lord of the Land, Grand Prize Draw and etc. Featuring unique class setup, Blade 9 empowers users to play whatever class they want.


There is a Ruin Weapons system that gives players (lucky enough to find one) a temporary power boost until their durations expire or lose it during PVP. In game players can find a variety of PVP modes from open-world PK to last-standing and team PVP arenas.

Through the adventure on the vast world of Blade 9, players have to face dangerous perils and terrifying monsters, also reward is there to win if quests in the multiple event details are completed. Open Beta will introduce the Item Mall Update, new events, rewards, and tons of fun! There'll be no wipes after Open Beta. Interested players can play with friends together.

NO.9 Herowarz


Known as the Korean Diablo style next generation MMORPG, HeroWarz is an action online game with an isometric view, where players choose from different characters to play, each with unique abilities and skills. As is mentioned above, it is on September 26th that the "next gen" Korean Action MMORPG HeroWarz has kicked off Open Beta. For the Open Beta phase, there will be 50 maps and 31 instances, which make for a rather huge PvE world.

Besides PvP, HeroWarz adopts a simple 4 vs 4 mode with the map structure similar to current MOBA's maps with towers, bases and minions. Even though using similar resources, PvE and PvP development is separated into 2 teams behind the scenes to ensure efficient content development. Every game needs test by several times, your enthusiasm for HeroWarz for this Korean Diablo style next generation MMORPG will undoubtedly support it go much further.

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