Explore the 3D Mysterious Monument Valley and Help Ada out

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I am very excited about the mobile games, especially those with creative ideas and interesting storyline. A well-known brain-bending puzzle game named Monument Valley that I installed not long ago left a great impression to me. If it were not for this android game, I wouldn’t be fascinated by puzzle games from then on.

Monument Valley

I’d ever played some horror puzzle games, while they definitely tell me they are not fit for me. But Monument Valley changed my mind, I should probably try more puzzle games. Well, it’s never too late to recognize Monument Valley though this great puzzle has made its appearance for some time. It deserves the name of most beautiful mobile game 2014.

Passing through the hidden path by vision illusion and avoiding face to face with crow man, players can direct princess Ada run through monument maze. The work adopts architecture shifting, rotation and turning upside down to enter the next step. Actually there are only 10 quests in this game, which are of moderate difficulty. Featuring fluent scene continuity, Monument Valley’s design of each level is smart and skillful, players can experience an amazing journey while playing it.

Monument Valley

When it comes to the sound effect, it’s perfect to me. Ethereal background music, husky voice of crows, distant bell and metallic sound, all these are so special that I can’t stop explore the next quest. The only deficiency, as far as I am concerned, is that the quests are few. And I didn’t have enough fun yet. Sincerely hope the developer ustwo can update more quests for this amazing puzzle game. Interested players don’t hesitate to give it a shot!

Monument Valley

Monument Valley is available on Google Play and App Store:

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