ArcheAge - Why APEX IS A Great Thing

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APEX is ArcheAge’s way of allowing players to spend cash for gold. How it works is pretty simple: someone buys an APEX for $10 from Trion, and it becomes a tradable item worth 1250 Credits to spend in the in-game Marketplace. These can be listed on the auction house or traded directly, allowing them to be turned into gold safely and securely. Along with this, there is no risk of being banned for using them, nor other people finding out a player bought gold from a website (which can be damaging to reputations).

Fighting Off Gold Farmers

Gold farmers have been a pretty big problem within the world of ArcheAge, all the way from Alpha until the early release, and then into the live release of the game. By selling cheap gold, they were getting customers, since gold is the major bargaining chip within the game; usable for materials, land, etc. With the addition of APEX, however, it has caused two rifts in this business:

•The APEX have actually been cheaper on a dollar-for-gold basis than buying from the various gold websites

•APEX don’t have any risk involved; using the auction house ensures that everyone leaves happy

It is expected that the farmers will start breaking down and selling cheaper gold over time, but that will take a while. Due to the low cost of APEX – and the fact that it’s still floating around the 30 gold mark – it would take farmers working almost for free in order to compete. Not to mention there is the risk involved with giving the websites payment information.


Enhancing the Free-to-Play Option

ArcheAge is, for all intents and purposes, a game where you have to pay to play it effectively (due to the Labor system). Luckily, the APEX additions mean people are able to have all the benefits of the paid subscription, without the requirement of throwing out real life cash for it. Instead, gold can simply be traded for the APEX, and the APEX can then be used to purchase subscription time. This creates an awesome circle where everyone wins: Trion gets more money for subscriptions, the APEX buyer gets to use their gold instead of cash to pay for it, and the APEX seller gets to trade some of their extra cash for gold. This largely helps players forgive Trion for setting up the game in the manner they did, where it almost looks like you either have to have cash or you really can’t play.

Increasing Subscription Revenue

A great effect many players don’t think about is that it increases Trion’s revenue. There are a lot of players that are willing to use their gold to buy APEX, but otherwise would never throw a cent at the game. In these cases, Trion is still getting money from these players; only it happens indirectly. To help understand how it works, consider this scenario:

• Player A has a subscription and has extra money left over and is interested in trading it for some gold

• Player B hasn’t spent a penny on the game, but has gold left over and wants a subscription

• At this point, Trion has earned $15 for the month

• Player A buys an APEX to sell, and Player B trades his gold for it. He does this for two APEX in total, and then uses them to purchase a subscription for the month

Without this system, there would be one subscriber to the game, and Trion would get $15 a month. With it, there are two subscribers and they are getting $35 a month (being that the APEX are worth $10 each, so the subscription cost goes up). The system truly does benefit all three parties!


Pricing of APEX

It’s hard to tell how much gold each APEX is going to be worth. The game is still pretty new, and it might take time to settle in on what its true market value is. Right now, it appears to be around 30 gold, but it has gone as high as 50 and as low as 18. As inflation starts to really set in, we can expect the prices to start rising, but it could be weeks or months before that fully kicks into gear. For now, suffice it to say that they are likely at their cheapest prices they are going to be.



APEX is a wonderful system for ArcheAge that works in the same way as Rift’s REX system. It allows players to buy and sell gold for cash, while using Trion and the game itself as an intermediary. This allows for safe purchasing and selling, with only Trion ever receiving payment information and not another website. Along with this, it’s completely allowed, and it doesn’t help promote things like gold spam and farming bots. And by allowing players to buy Patron status with the APEX, that enhances its value even more; the game, while technically being Pay-to-Play, is now completely free thanks to players selling their APEX on the market.

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