Ragnarok Online 2 Will Be Shut Down in Southeast Asia

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By mushroomzDate: Sep 11 2014 Views:


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It's a bad news for RO2 fans, Ragnarok Online 2 is facing the shutdown of services for players in Singapore and Malaysia on October 9th. Sadly, so far RO2 has not taken the world by storm just as RO1 has done before. But every cloud has a silver lining, players may still continue with their game as Asiasoft will be allowing all RO2 accounts to be merged with WarpPoral's database.


"Following the opening of Ragnarok 2's Odin Server to Philippine players last month, we are thrilled to be continuing the global expansion of Warpportal's Ragnarok Online 2 by welcoming all players from Southeast Asia regions!" Asiasoft posted.

We're all loyal Ragnarok MMO fans but I think RO2 is just a fluffy anime garbage, this is the reason why it has to be shut down in Singapore and Malaysia. RO will always hold a special place in fans' heart, and good luck to Ragnarok Online 2. If there's any news about RO2 - hope there will be, I wish it will be a good one. Just stay tuned guys.

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