Best 3D Android Games You Can't Miss

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Thanks to the appearance of Android, mobile gaming has improved by leaps and bounds over the past years. Therefore, if you are still playing 2D games on your android devices, you are out of step with the times. Here is our exclusive collection of the best 3D games for your Android device. Turn your device on and get ready for an unforgettable 3D gaming adventure!

Royal Revolt 2

Battle against thousands of players across the World to become the one true king. More than 3 Million downloads and 5 star reviews by players and press alike have recognized Royal Revolt 2 as one of the best games of 2014!


  • Awesome 3D graphics
  • Multiplayer strategy
  • Design your battleground


Download Royal Revolt 2 Here

A sizzling-hot 3D action and strategy game where you defend your castle and build a deadly maze for your enemies. Explore and conquer the kingdoms of your friends and foes in this brilliant sequel. Overthrow the royals on your way to the top, but be aware of your own enemies, Your Highness - there’s a royal revolt going on!!! Royal Revolt 2 – Fight for your Kingdom!

- - - How to play - - -

  • Use simple touch controls to lead your hero into battle
  • Build your castle and defences at the flick of a finger across your screen
  • Develop and upgrade your troops, magic and buildings
  • Build and customize your defences, and deploy the castle guard to defend your base.
  • Battle against thousands of players across the World to become the one true king

You have come a long way to find that you are not the only lord with a claim to the throne. Find a castle from where you will build your forces, and battle to prove to the World who the true king really is. Royal Revolt 2 looks and sounds great. Battles are cool to watch and it’s fun to see the kingdom take shape as well. The sound is very well done, with plenty of clangs and dings and the ever satisfying sound of resources building up. For a free game Royal Revolt 2 is presented very well indeed. Royal Revolt 2 is an excellent, original game with a lot of depth and some great ideas. It’s worth a very close look for any RTS fan.

Royal Revolt 2 is available on Get5 Store:

Royal Revolt 2

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