Tree of Savior: Don't Lose Your Hope, CBT Is On The Way!

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Sadly, this week there's no update on Tree of Savior dev blog, but we've got another exciting news is that it's more likely the launch date of CBT is closer. According to their dev blog, CM Leslie tells us that they are keep having internal tests in their studio to adjust overall balancing of the game and add more contents. Thus, they believe that they would be able to give you the info regarding CBT within a short period. To fully concentrate their development on CBT, they will temporarily take a break on their updates on dev blog.


▲ The Goddess of Destiny, Laima and The Goddess of Death, Giltinė

And we'd like you guys join the Tree of Savior brain storming with us - Which is the best three features [You Love] or [You Want to Have] in this game?

e.g.1.Crafting success dependent on human skill not chance
2.Superb ranking system
3. Pets that can grow(like pokemon)

You can leave your opinions in the comments below, also you can leave the most concerning question about Tree of Savior, are you ready? Let's start the brain storming!


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