Star Wars: Commander: How To Get Free Crystals

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Star Wars: Commander is the extremely popular new MMORTS for the iOS and Android based off of the beloved Star Wars franchise, and featuring characters from all around the universe. There are two main types of currency (Credits and Alloy) and one premium currency, Crystals, which can do anything from allow you to buy more Droids to speed up construction, upgrading and troop training. Read on to find out how to get more Crystals for free!

Star Wars: Commander Free Crystals

You have a chapter-based single player mode that you start off playing in the tutorial and continue playing throughout the game. Each time you beat one of the chapters, you will earn a Crystal reward, which increases with every successive chapter that you beat. Currently, there are nine chapters; expect there to be more as time goes on and developers update the game.

You’ll randomly get a popup from Obi-Wan Kenobi asking you to review the game. Hit the review button and whether or not you review the game (you can always just go back to the game itself), you’ll get a free 25 crystals for your troubles. Plus, if you link the game to Facebook, you’ll get another 10 crystals for free.

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