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Last month, the Hello MMO Collection was back, and it has drawn much more attention than we have expected, which encourages us to put more effort on it. We have talked about Final Fantasy XIV in July Hot MMO Collection. It is a mistake that we wrote this ff title to be forgotten. Actually, it is quite hot in China now, which has just stepped in to open beta. There many games to be famous in Asia, while they have been less attractive to you guy, such as Guild Wars 2. Now, let’s focus what’s hot in MMOsite:

Final Fantasy XIV

On 25th August, Shanda Games finally launched Open Beta for Final Fantasy XIV, which was after months of online and offline events around China. Everything seems to be worthy since Final Fantasy XIV have swept China. “1 RMB to Play FFXIV” event by Shanda Games definitely has attracted a mass of players to explore the Eorzea world, and the fever of FFXIV popularity seems to be getting higher and higher. Take a look at FFXIV CN Server First Experience and Eorzea Geographic Photo Event to see more details of CN server.


When CN server is still in open beta, the global server is celebrating its first anniversary since its relaunch. Suqare Enix also kicked off a number of events. Free Week is the most popular. In my impression, the producer’s special letters had got much attention, while it seems to be different; even it is about One Year Anniversary.

MapleStory 2

Yes, yes, yes it's about Korean MMORPG again, and I assume you can't deny that you love MapleStory2. The big news come as Nexon Korea finally announced to kick off alpha test for their highly anticipated MMORPG from Sep.17th to Sep.21st, 2014 in Korea. And the news about us is that MapleStory 2's worldwide release schedule will be confirmed at a later date.


MapleStory 2 is a new PC online full 3D MMORPG that has been in development since 2010. Set in an era prior to MapleStory, players can enjoy a completely new level of freedom in their experience. This 3D casual MMORPG with block-based world and a mixture of voxel graphics would remind you of MineCraft. MapleStory2 features user-generated content such as their own unique clothing and houses and similiar combat gameplay with traditional MMORPGs, but players can design the world by themselves. Intersted gamers can check out the gameplay footages below.

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