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Tree of Savior dev blog has been updated recently. This is 12th post of Questions and Answers about Tree of Savior which answers the questions from their fans.Please understand that TOS is a game which is currently under development so the answers that are given below can be changed in the future when they launch official service of the game.

Q) I think having a fire place in the game is a very good idea.  Can we also throw torches against enemies?  Are there tents in the game?

A) We don’t have tents in the game yet, but we may add tents in the game in the future.  The idea of throwing torches against enemies was present in the earlier version of the game, but we don’t have the feature anymore.  Please use fireplace to warm yourself.

Q) Are there any advantages when Squire repairs items instead of Ironsmith NPC?

A) There a few advantages of using Squire to repair items such as lower costs, items fixable outside villages and so on.  Depending on the level of repair skill, an item’s stats may exceed its original or intrinsic stats.


Q) What do you mean when you said Peltasta’s thrown shield may disappear?  Is it going to really disappear from Equipment UI?

A)  If you don’t pick it up within a limited time, then it will disappear from Equipment UI.  I think this much risk was needed when we allowed Peltasta, which is a melee class, to engage in long range attacks.

Q) I know that spears’ attack ranges are longer than those of swords and they can also deal additional damages on the gigantic monsters with certain skills.  Then what are the benefits of using swords instead of spears?

A) You can also bash enemies besides thrusting enemies when using swords.  Since you can use both bashing and thrusting for swords, you can use both of them strategically when you face different types of monsters in the game.  Some monsters will be weaker on bashing, and some monsters will be weaker on thrusting.

Q) Can Alchemist also stay in the game after logging out from the game if it opens a shop like Pardoner?

A) Alchemist doesn’t open a shop, but when it crafts an item, it may take several hours so it is possible for Alchemist to stay in the game after log-out when it is engaged in crafting.


▲ A screenshot of male Alchemist.  (There was a question on how male Alchemist looks like.)

Q) Is the color of summoned devils always in black?

A) Each boss monster has its intrinsic color, but when Sorcerer summons a devil, the color of the summoned devil will always be black.


▲ The original boss monster is shown on the left, while the devil which is summoned by Sorcerer using the boss monster’s card is shown on the right.

Q) When Sorcerer summons a devil, what happens to the card which was inserted on Grimoire? Will it be dissipated?

A) No.  Boss monster card will only dissipate when it combines with another boss monster card.  One of the cards will be used to level up the other card.

Q) Is there a time limit on using summoned boss monster?

A) It depends on Sorcerer’s SP and stamina.  It is also possible to recharge SP and stamina using specific items while the summoned boss monster is being activated.

Q) Can Rogue use daggers on both hands?  Is there any stealth class who can attack repetitively?

A) Rogue is an Archer-type class in TOS so it uses a bow.  It can hide under the ground, but stronger stealth skills can be used by Scout class which is another Archer-type class.  Repetitive attacks using weapons on both hands are done by corsair class, but corsair is a Swordsman-type class.


▲ It looks like a normal wood keg, but Scout is hiding in it.  Scout can move wood keg using its toes while hiding inside.

Q) Is there Samurai class or any other similar class in the game?

A)  We have Shinobi class in the game.

Q) I hope a player who contributed the most in party play receives more EXP points rather than sharing EXP points equally.

A) The leader of a party can decide how to share EXP points.  They can be either shared equally or shared based on each player’s contribution.  This option can be changed anytime depending on which rule your party wants to follow.

Q) Can an item be also damaged while being enhanced?

A) An item’s Potential will be depleted by 1 whenever it succeeds its enhancement.  Don’t try to enhance your item when its Potential falls to 1.  You may lose your item.
This week’s class introductions :


▲Highlander is a Swordsman-type class and it uses swords on both hands.

It has stronger attack stats than Peltasta which is in the same rank.  It also possesses numerous long range attack skills, so it is useful when you are facing multiple enemies at once.  The enemies that are thrown by Highlander receive secondary collision damages when they get hit on walls or barriers so when the environment around Highlander is rather complex, it will prove its worth.


▲ Dievdirbys is a Cleric-type class which is specialized in making diverse types of wooden statues.

Depending on which goddess statue Dievdirbys makes, it changes the outcome of battles by casting debuffs on nearby enemies, increasing attack ranges of other players and so on.  When Dievdirbys makes “Vakarine” statue on the field, then the statue will act as a temporary warp point and everyone can use it to teleport to other locations.


▲ Ranger is an Archer-type class which is specialized in facing multiple enemies.

It can use wide range attack skills on certain conditions which is very unique for a class which uses a bow.  For example, the skill which penetrates all enemies standing in a row, the arrow which reflects itself to the other location when it defeats an enemy and a few other skills represent Ranger’s wide range attacks that are useful in facing multiple enemies.


▲ Oracle is a Cleric-type class which uses its power to foresee the future.

It advises other players in advance where enemies will attack, which items monsters will drop, and etc.  Oracle has an ability to transform the monster that it is facing to the other monster which is about the same level as the previous monster, and it can also summon a monster which is somewhere on the field in front of it.  If you use these skills cleverly, more strategic farming play would be possible.

▲ A video clip to help your understanding.

More details about Tree of Savior newly update, please stay tuned for our news!

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