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 Hi, dear MMOsiters, this time we are so lucky to have the chance to get close to Black Desert dev team Pearl Abyss at ChinaJoy 2014, and fortunately, their game direct, overseas manager and specialists have shown us some important information and cool gameplays for Black Desert, such as the beta schedule of the English version, the new systems and features that CBT 3 will bring, I assume you would be satisfied with the answer that dev team gave us! Now let's get to the point immediately!


Most of you should be quite familiar with Black Desert, if you are new to this game, here is the brief introduction from the game director Brian Oh(in red shirt): Black Desert is a next generation MMORPG that features many different types of contents like crafting, riding, farming and house-building, the team really made effort to put every interesting factors in the game. Players will be able to experience sandbox element in Black Desert which minimal limitations are placed on the gamer, allowing the player to roam and shape the world at will. 


As an open world game, the gameplay will be chosen by the users, so apart from the main quest line, users can choose different types of contents to explore, for example, if the user doesn’t want to follow the quest line, they can discover the hidden secret about the NPCs in town, they can communicate a lot of experience and fun by side quests. Moreover, if the user likes crafting, they can collect a lot of ingredients they have to gather, so as to make some special items, tools or weapons, either for use or sell. Of course, fighting with each other can be a kind of fun, enjoy the free PK as you want. Now let’s see the gameplay video showed by the developers below:

Q: As the latest news goes as Black Desert will come to west by the Korean publisher Daum, and they will set up office in NA/EU. Our gamers are really excited about the news, and we are wondering why Pearl Abyss makes this decision? 

Brian: Choosing Daum as the western publisher is a cogitative decision by Pearl Abyss. Because Daum has already got their plan to enter North American and European market, and they have set up a NA/EU studio. Black Desert is their first business in NA/EU and we believe that they will try their best to publish Black Desert and bring western gamers the best gaming experience. 


Q: Our readers are very eager to play Black Desert, could you tell us when will Black Desert come to these enthusiastic players? Will there be anything new in Black Desert NA/EU for our players? What're the differences between NA/EU server and Korea server?

Brian: About the progress of NA/EU server, we can tell you that the translation and localization of Black Desert NA/EU is underway. Korean sever has just finished CBT2 and will kick off CBT3 in September and Open Beta in November. Then we will begin the alpha and closed betas for NA/EU server after that, we plan to start Black Desert NA/EU CBT1 in early 2015. Our visit to ChinaJoy is exactly aimed for business with top Chinese publishers. So NA/EU server's launch schedule will definitely be earlier than the CN server. 

Black Desert is based on medieval Europe, and we think it matches NA/EU players' culture. And contents of Black Desert NA/EU won't be altered much. But we'll alter it based on NA/EU players' suggestions and demands.

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