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MMOsite is glad to have this chance to make an interview with the famous BBG developer – R2Game at ChinaJoy 2014. Now let’s get started:


1. Hello, MMOsite is really honored and glad to get this chance to have an interview with R2Games! Now, would you like to introduce yourself to our MMOsite readers?

•    Gladly! We’re a global publisher of outstanding free to play games. Currently publishing across 6 languages, we’re known for offering titles such as Wartune, League of Angels and Dragon Pals.


2. Many players are very interested in R2’s games such as League of Angels, Knight’s Fable and the brand new Shadowbound etc., and they pay close attention to your latest game news. Could you tell us some inside information about them?

•    Actually, League of Angels players may be interested to know that we should have a few more cosplay pictures coming. 
As for Shadowbound, it has proven to be an underdog that rose above and beyond our expectations. To harness and support its growth, we’re planning for more events and content. Players should expect to be seeing more from Shadowbound in the near future!
We have also been working on including more Facebook integration with some of our games on that platform. Our fans of Facebook can expect to see more social features in our games soon!

3. There are many great games from R2Games – if you had to recommend our readers only one of them, which one would you choose? Why?

•    Well, although Wartune would be a pretty solid choice to start out with, those looking for something fresh and on the rise should definitely check out Shadowbound. Not only is it brand new, but it has a lot for players to look forward to in the coming months.


4. As we know, Monkey King Online is based on the famous Chinese masterpiece Journey to the West, thus it has many Chinese elements, but there are lots of Chinese game companies promoting this kind of games already - what’s the difference between MKO and those Chinese games? How do you highlight your own Chinese elements to get Monkey King Online remembered? 

•    For one, the game came out on the tail end of “The Monkey King” movie, so the setting was at least on the radar of some western audiences. 
Also, we found that a game with Chinese elements can still work well in the West as long as the story and characters work on their own from within the story. In Monkey King Online, you don’t need to know who these characters are or where it takes place before you play, it’s either explained in the game or doesn’t have a strong enough influence to affect your enjoyment of the game. With many other Chinese games, a problem is that they often include too many elements that are assumed the player will already know (because they are Chinese), but which would not have that same familiarity for a western player - thus losing a lot of its (implied) meaning.

5. Monkey King Online holds interesting events once a week, such as this week's Ascension Events, and it brings much fun to our players. But our players are still eager for more events – how will you address that? Will other games hold more events, too?

•    Yes, there will definitely be more events in the future. We like to keep things fresh, so most of our games get a good helping of new events regularly. Players can simply keep an eye on our forums to keep up-to-date.


6. One of the most exciting strategy MMORPG Wartune has entered beta phase for more than 2 years, and it's very popular among our players for plentiful and fresh gameplays. Is there anything new coming to this game? What will it bring to us?

•    Plenty, actually! Next month (August), we will be releasing a major update for Wartune involving heavy optimization which will greatly improve the quality and provide a whole new and exciting gaming experience. Further details will be revealed shortly, so stay tuned for that.

7. Wartune offers players three classes to choose from: Knight, Archer and Mage. However, there're some players with knight and mage characters who are concerned about the balance of classes. What do you plan to do about this?

•    This has actually been a long-standing issue that we’ve spent a lot of time on – trying to balance the classes in a way that is fair for everyone. The balance has undergone several tweaks, and player feedback has been crucial in pinpointing where that evasive sweet spot is. We continue to use this feedback in hopes of finding just the right balance, allowing the players to have a better experience with the game.


8. Shadowbound is the latest title R2 has released, but it has already attracted massive attention from our players. With the brand new EU server “Spiderhook Vale’s” coming, more and more international players will join the game. Will there be an international tournament in the schedule? And what’s Shadowbound the next destination?

•    In the short term, we have no international tournament planned, but considering Shadowbound’s surprising success, it’s definitely something we can strongly consider down the road. As for next steps, we are currently preparing to release French and German versions of Shadowbound, which should be good news for players in those language regions.

9. Many players who have joined Shadowbound Alpha love the game quite a bit, especially things like Battle of Vits etc. Some players suggest that the PvP system needs to be improved, for it may lead to newer players' getting discouraged and probably quit. How will you deal with the problem to retain the potential newer players?

•    We are aware of this issue, though PvP balance can be a tough nut to crack – making the slightest changes can throw the entire system off. So what we do in Shadowbound is to group players by their relative level, so characters that are much higher level don’t face off against someone of a lower level who stands no chance whatsoever. 
In addition, we have recently started to provide new players with item packs to help them along with their first steps, meaning they won’t be caught totally off guard once PvP becomes open to them.

10. We’re really glad to have had this interview with you! Do you have anything else want to say to our players? And thanks for your time!

•    To the players, we’d like to say thank you for your continued interest and support of the games we provide. We know we have issues with some of our games, and we are striving to improve our services on all fronts – through your continued feedback, we can work together to make a better R2 and a better gaming experience for everyone.
Thanks for having us over on MMOsite!

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