Fantasy Forest Story: How to Evolve and Breed Your Animals

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Fantasy Forest Story, like so many of the previous “Story” games for the iPhone and iPad, is all about hatching, growing, raising, breeding and evolving your animals. The first three in that list are fairly obvious as to how to pull them off, but the last two can be a bit more dicey. Read on to a full guide on how to breed and evolve your animals in Fantasy Forest Story!

Fantasy Forest Story

Evolving them is actually a fairly simple matter. There are two different times when you can evolve your animal. One is at level three, after they have been fed to the point that the bar is full. The other time is at level 9, in the same situation (full feeding bar). Then, send them to the evolution flower, and when the time runs out, they will come out in their newly evolved form.

Breeding your animals is fairly simple on the surface, but it’s very nuanced and there is a lot that goes into getting the right animal. First, you have to have two animals that have been evolved once each (at least once), because if they haven’t gotten to level 4 yet, they are too young to be bred. Luckily, that requires only feeding and use of the evolution flower.

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