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By Yuto IshiaraDate: Jun 17 2014 Views:


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Hello guys this is Yuto Ishihara from MMOSITE introducing Core Masters, core masters is a very popular Moba that will cause a severe impact in the way we play mobas from now on, For those who are new to the term Moba, it stands for Multiplayer Online Battle Arena. if you are looking for an action combat moba with a unique style of playing and that will probably take you a lot of time to master, then core masters is your choise, Even if you choose core masters to have fun its still a reliable choice.


Okay so, For those who are just new to M.O.B.A games and they have never played League Of Legends, Dota,Smite,etc. Such games consist on a Team play (normally each team has a size of 5 members against other 5 members), So you play along with 4 guys to achieve victory, The goal is simple, destroy the enemy strategic points to take down their fortifications and archive victory by destroying the main structure. So normally when we play these kind of games we all tend to "Blame" the team members who performed poorly in such match... But Here in Core masters there are tons of new strategies that came with its unique environment and objectives and new game modes. One of my favorite games modes its the "DeathMatch" Were you compete against the others to archive victory by yourself.

Lets talk about great design of this game, Voice Acting is just amazing, The Bgms are very nice at the begining but then it starts to turn annoying, So i just turn it off and listen to some random music instead. Speaking about the character design i personally think it was marvelous excepting 1 or 2 characters that i didnt like so much, The splash arts of each character are just amazing.

In therm of graphics i think its similar to the new version of league of legends where they remake the main map... Its pretty cool actually.

Alrite, So basically what makes this game so different than others? I would reply that question with other question, Have you ever seen Customization upon the strenght on our characters? Yes, I have seen that in League of Legends with the runes and masteries, But... things are quite different and more intresting here, Cause we are not only unlocking talents for the different characters we have available, we will be Building new items that will be allowed to use in the game once we can purchase them with enough "Gems" (Gems = Gold, Its earned by killing creeps or taking down other players in the map).It will be more like: Customizing your Own Shop.


Another thing i noticed about was the absence of towers / Turrets/ Nexus /Strategic points That were replaced by a small... thing? that is similar to a tower but it cant defend itself and this objectives are neutral, they are not related to any of the 2 teams or any specific player in the map. This objectives usually have small or strong monsters defending it, depending the stage of the game. When one of these objectives is destroyed it will drop a "Core" , Cores are like precious gems that are needed to win the game, The team /´player that has the most cores in his pocket will be the team that will be victorious.

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