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By yuto_ishiaraDate: May 19 2014 Views:


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Here is Yuto Ishihara bringing you a Hot review on one of the most anticiped games in the last 3 years including this year, this time I gonna talk you about ArcheAge, In my opinion, the creators of this game were just geniuses, everything is pretty well made and it explains the time that this project delays to launch officially. The game will be released in NA soon, but current service regions are Russia, Korea and China.


To start of this game is pretty sober you will not find anything ridiculously bizarre like a human mounting a goat that mounts a dragon that mounts a giant turtle at once! Big no! So if you are looking for a game that really makes you feel you are part of the environment of the game, then ArcheAge is the game you are looking for... Its music is just amazing, actually one of the things I'm pretty severe with when judging an MMORPG is the music they made for it, and it's just outrageous... The music is very well divided by zones, elves got a more Celtic style of music while races like have a really fierce music.

Ambientalization and sounds effects are nice, it makes you feel that you are actually in the scenario instead of being in front of a screen, if you enable 3D sound and some other effects you can enjoy the amazing sound quality this game offers. Now going for the Graphics, one of the pillars of gaming this days. This game does not over excels in terms of sick detail in the environment, its more sober and I will say that it's more convincing cause it's less charged with unnecessary details and that's one of the golden keys of this game, that is a game that does not bores you in terms of unnecessary environment details, sometimes you get really exhausted to pay attention at so many details. But of course this is a next-Generation game, its environment has detailed part too and it also makes an awesome usage of the cry engine but I repeat it makes its correct use with soberly.

In terms of Detailed Characters I have to confess that I have fall in love instantly when I meet the Ferre Race , it is very well tuned and designed as well as the other races which I expected they were a little bit more fantastic in part of the other races, I must admit that ferre race was quite innovating as well.


This talking about character details and its design makes me want to talk about the character customization that it was one of the most complete character customizations i have ever tried along with the A.P.B and Black desert Character customizations, But we are going to talk about this well developed feature later, first I want to talk about the Splash arts, splash arts and the artistic part of this game got a nice taste in terms of Art production, I gotta say that I'm a professional artist as well and a student of Art in one of the most prestigious university of Argentina and I really get amazed by the art production made for this game...


And now for finishing with the Raw Review and passing to the IN-GAME preview im gonna talk about the Gameplay of the game, maybe one of the Core things on this game. In this game we have 4 Races (Nuian,Ferre,Elf and Hariharan) and a total of 120 classes to choose, yes there are 6 basic classes that are the Warriors,Scouts,Necromancers,Elemental Lords,Clerics and archers, but combining the 10 skill threes and other systems this game offers it makes a total of 120 classes which is just a lot of options and combinations that makes this game so unique. One of the things I loved from this game was the combat system, its target sadly, but it has its own innovation on it which is... put it simple it's similar to Aion, but it's quite faster and smoother and you will also be fighting with your primary and secondary weapon all time, so you don't need to swap any weapon when fighting and you can just combine the skills freely. It makes the game a little bit interesting and different from others, I still would have prefer to be a non-target action game, but its a matter of tastes, I have nothing to reproach about this system.


Finally we are at one of the Golden stars on this game at my point of view, a key feature and a really well developed character customization!



I have customized a Female Ferre, She looks pretty nice, one of the things i have love the most was the Advanzed customization feature that signals the dots you are going to modify by manipulating this feature as you can see on the right corner.When i was saying that this game design was really sober and thats why i loved it, it was serious, The character customization is VERY VERY complete but at the same time it limits the Troll characters that breaks the game Role-playing. So you can see a catwoman with a 5 meters nose very tiny eyes and with a total height of 3 Male characters, this is is intend to play with the proporsions but not to intentionally break the normal proportions which i actually think it was a really nice idea and its a very safe refuge for those who wants to role play.


In this One i have customized an elf, pretty similar to legolas isnt it? Very good looking anyway.

And now, Going for the Interface:

As you can see below The interface its pretty simple and slim, it show no numbers by default in the HP/MP bar and the Exp bar design its quite nice. The minimap its pretty simple and self explanatory with the quest zones signed with a color circle and a number according the order of quests you did pick up.


As a personal Review i give it a 4.9 Over 5 stars, Its one of the most close to perfection games i have ever played and i promise i will keep playing it after doing this review for you guys, So as a final conclusion: If you are a really lover of Mmorpgs and Role playing games, And i refer to old masters (back to the 70s and 80s) you must try this game , you must give it a shot cause its just way too awesome and they have made a really god job by developing it.

I'm Yuto ishihara and I hope you like my Review ~ I'll try to bring more Hot game previews soon <3

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